The Voice Top 4 Announced

Shocking elimination puts another coach out of the competition

The Voice Top 4 Announced

On Tuesday night, The Voice said goodbye to two more contestants and another coach was wiped out of the contest and will now join Christina on the sidelines.

In between performances, host Carson Daly revealed who was safe in random order and here’s how that played out (chronologically):

  • Terry McDermott (Team Blake)
  • Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo)
  • Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)
  • Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)

So that means that Melanie Martinez and Amanda Brown, both of Team Adam, fell short of a trip to the final four. So Adam’s team is wiped out, leaving just two members each from Teams Blake and Cee Lo.

I’m not surprised by Melanie’s elimination, but I am quite surprised by Amanda. OK, I’m not really surprised, I kind of expected it and even mentioned it in my post from Monday night, but I am disappointed. I expected Melanie and Trevin to be the two to go tonight, but America is a sucker for that damn “And I Am Telling You” song from Dream Girls. Sigh. Oh well, I think it’s a safe bet to place that Cassadee Pope will win The Voice 2012 now. Amanda was the only thing standing in her way. This is so not the final four I was expecting, though, so hell, I’m probably wrong and Nicholas will end up winning the whole thing.

What did you think of the results? Did America make the right decisions with their votes?


  • Sarakatherine

    all I’m going to say is if Nicholas David wins the voice, something’s wrong with America. could kinda see it coming for Melanie though, even Monday night you could tell she knew her time was almost up.

    • Gabriela Anez-Urdaneta

      Maybe something is wrong with you! Making idiotic comments like this just because you don’t like him. The majority does!!! People with experience in music and with educated ears do!!! I guess you can only have brains to process cookie cutter artists that all sound the same. STUPID!

  • Nosgoth1979

    I actually really like Melanie, too bad she was cut from the competition. I’m glad Trevin is still in the running at least. I think he’ll probably win the whole thing. Unfortunately I missed both the performance and the results episodes of The Voice this past week. Even worse, I spaced out setting my DVR timer too. It makes me glad one of my coworkers at DISH talked me into getting a Hopper a while back. It’s a whole-home DVR from DISH, and it has the PrimeTime Anytime feature that records all four of the mojor networks every night during primetime (that’s about 70% of the shows I watch!). So it automatically recorded The Voice for me, so I was able to go back and watch it this morning before anyone ruined it for me with spoilers.

  • Kim

    The top 6 were all pretty talented. Having said that I really thought Nicholas would be going home with Melanie. I thought Amanda Brown had a great night, and I was surprised she got voted so low. I am not a big Trevin fan. Unless he is hitting the big note he tends to be very pitchy.

  • Brcrider2272

    I was really hoping Amanda would be the Voice winner…she is so polished, and what range! I am so disappointed!

  • Gabriela Anez-Urdaneta

    Nicholas David is the best of them all!!! Amazing singer, performer (yes, to be good a great performer you don’t have to bounce around the stage), and an incredible artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! St. Nick for the win!!!!!!!!!!!