The Voice 2013 Top 6 Announced

An elimination shocker could be a game-changer

The Voice 2013 Top 6 Announced

The Voice Top 8 became the Top 6 Tuesday night as two more acts were sent packing following America’s votes. And the outcome wasn’t the one most expected.

Everyone, including Shakira herself, expected Sasha Allen to be one of the two to go home, wiping out Shaira’s team altogether. But Sasha was sent to safety, which sent Shakira reeling and Blake and Adam into panic. And rightly so because Usher’s Michelle Chamuel was the first sent to safety, so they new their perfect teams were about to be tarnished. But what happened in the end, no one expected.

Carson announced the Top 6 one-by-one, in between filler performances and here are the results, chronologically:

  • Michelle Chamuel, Team Usher
  • Danielle Bradberry, Team Blake
  • Sasha Allen, Team Shakira
  • The Swon Brothers, Team Blake
  • Amber Carrington, Team Adam
  • Holly Tucker, Team Blake

So that means Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were sent packing and Team Adam joins Shakira and Usher with only one team member left. And Blake’s team remains unscathed. Could he be poised for a third win?

Judith’s elimination is no surprise. But Sarah’s is. She was coming on strong early in the compeiton and the two people most-thought to be at risk of joining Judith in the bottom two Tuesday night were Sasha and Holly. But Sasha pulled out a miracle and Team Blake is bulletproof.

What do you think of The Voice Season 4 Top 6? Who is going to win?



  • Julie P

    Judith blew it with song and styling choice. She should have stayed with the big iconic songs. Sarah? I cannot understand. She did everything to prove she one of the best, only to be sent home. Holly or Sasha, were the ones I thought were going. This is the first time, “The Voice” and Adam’s stupid remark, has disappointed me.