The Voice Results: Four Singers Cut

The Voice Results: Four Singers Cut

The first week of The Voice live shows are history and so are four of the contestants.

During the results show last night, here's how America's votes played out:

Team Blake

  • Top 3: Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul and RaeLynn
  • Bottom 3: Charlotte Sometimes, Naia Kete and Jordis Unga
  • Blake's Save: Jordis Unga

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 Team Christina

  • Top 3: Jesse Campbell, Lindsay Pavao, Chris Mann
  • Bottom 3: Moses Stone, Sera Hill, Ashley De La Rosa
  • Christina's Save: Ashley De La Rosa

Following the announcements, the Bottom 3 from each team took to the stage to sing for redemption. The coaches could each save one person from their teams. And as I've said above, Blake saved Jorids, which means Naia and Charlotte said goodbye to the compeition. Chrisina saved Ashely, sending Sera and Moses home.

Next week Teams Adam and Cee Lo will peform for America's votes and on Tuesday, four more contestants will be sent home.

Jordis Unga sings for her life with “Wild Horses.”



  • Tia

    From the blind auditions to the coaching, I love The Voice and all of the different concepts that go into this singing competition. I watch a lot of TV, which is no surprise since I work for DISH, but The Voice is the only show that keeps me emotionally involved as I watch each contestant grow as an artist. I worked late Tuesday night and missed the live show, but thankfully, shows episodes of The Voice, and since they’re free to watch it was the best place for me to get caught up on who’s going home. Erin Willett had me in tears with how well she performed on the live show and I was so happy when I found out this morning that she was voted to stay on the show. I think the most surprising “redemption” performance was from Ashley; her performance was spectacular and outshined all of the others! Am I the only one who over looked this girl from the start?

  • Jenny2xx

    Jordis is soooooooo amazing. anyone who fell in love with her from ROCKSTAR INXS in 2005-2006 surely knows her voice. she is the VOICE. her pureness, conviction, and raspy rocker edge is what ALL her fans fell in love with. she is a true artist and truly unique. i was soooo psyched when she resurfaces after all these years. she was the youngest contestant on RS INXS, 22. now 29, i almost didn’t recognize her and i simply adore her and her music. i think NBC has it all wrong. um, hello, she is a rocker so style her like that. the new fan base and younger generation do not know her like we do so i do think she must bring back a lil RS INXS to the voice. please vote for jordis. i’m so glad she is still following her dream. i believe in her and apparently so does everyone else. WOW such a crazy large fan base. if you don’t know her, please check out her rendition of Nirvana’s; MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD OR HEART SHAPED BOX (MY FAVS) OR ANYTHING FROM ROCKSTAR INXS. let’s go jordis… rock it out and win this thing. we all love you so much and you deserve this. the world needs your music….

    • Tia

      I had no idea that she was on RS INXS, but after hearing her version of Man Who Sold the World, I love Jordis! I’m surprised that after being an artist for so long she still has trouble fighting herself onstage.