The Voice Top 4 Scorecard

Season 2 winner will be announced tonight!

The Voice Top 4 Scorecard

Last night on The Voice, the Top 4 took to the stage to sing for America's votes. For the first time this season, it was all up to America too. So one of the Top 4 will be crowned the winner tonight. To me there seemed to be a standout winner from last night's performances alone. Let's take a look back.

The Voice Scorecard

Solo Performances:

  • Jermaine Paul, “I Believe I Can Fly.” HIT! I hate the song, but the performance was pretty sweet. It's a song that will make someone pick up the phone and vote.
  • Tony Lucca, “99 Problems.” MISS! This wasn't Tony's best effort. It did makes for some fun Christina Aguilera banter though. She clearly HATES Tony from their days in the Mickey Mouse Club. It's kind of awesome.
  • Chris Mann, “You Life Me Up.” HIT! Another smart song choice. People love that Josh Groban song and Chris may have earned a few extra votes just by signing it.
  • Juliet Simms, “Freebird.” HIT! HIT HIT! Juliet was the clear winner from last night. Sure “Free Bird” is like a big cliché, but she killed it.

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Coach Tributes:

  • Juliet Simms, “Crazy.” OK. Lucky for Juliet she performed this one early and ended the night with “Freebird.” Because this Cee Lo Green tribute isn't winning any contests.
  • Chris Mann, “The Voice Within.” OK. Another meh tribute. This was probably the only Christina song that made sense for him to sing (though “Genie in a Bottle” would've been awesome), but it just didn't work from me.
  • Jermaine Paul, “God Gave me You.” OK. Yeah, this round kind of sucked. Clearly.
  • Tony Lucca, “Harder to Breathe.” MISS! Speaking of kind of sucking…
Best Performance of the Night

Who is going to win? I'm going to go with Juliet Simms. But it'll probably actually be Tony Lucca. Meh.



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