The Voice Top 5 Best Performances

Which songs stood out this season?

The Voice Top 5 Best Performances

The Voice Season 2 wraps up tonight as a new winner will be crowned, so it's time to look back on the show and the season's best performances.

5. Jamie Lono, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Jamie was an early favorite because of this blind audition performance. He was heating up Twitter and Facebook, but by the time the Battle Rounds came, Jamie was just another contestant buried  beneath stronger contenders. That doesn't keep this performance off of our list, though.

4. Jesse Campbell, “What a Wonderful World.” Speaking of favorites, Jesse was so popular when Christina Aguilera booted him she got death threats. I felt so bad for that I decided not to send my death threat for wearing that hideous hat we had to see for like three weeks in a row. This was Jesse's best performance. And his last.

3. Tony Lucca, fastest way to lose weight

one-more-time/1397958″ target=”_blank”>”Baby One More Time.” What Tony did with this Britney Spears song was a huge risk. But it paid off. He was playing the game a little too safe and when Christina started hassling him for her own personal reasons, Tony had to step up his game.

2. Jermaine Paul, “Against All Odds.” Jermaine is probably the best singer in the contest. Is he the MOST marketable? Not quite. That's why this fantastic performance comes in at No. 2 instead of No. 1.

1. Juliet Simms, “It's A Man's World.” I think my favorite performance of hers was actually last night's “Freebird,” but this was the performance that shot the dark horse right to the front of the pack. After two strong weeks, Juliet has a good chance of winning the title tonight.

Which performance has been your favorite?



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