The Voice Top 8 Scorecard

The Final Four will be decided tonight

The Voice Top 8 Scorecard

Last night on The Voice, the Top 8 took to the stage to sing for America's votes and for their coaches' scores. Tonight four of them will be heading home and the other four will be heading to next week's finale.

So how did the final eight contestants do during last night's performances? Since the show is winding down, the bag wasn't so mixed this week. Every did a pretty great job. Which most people would find amazing, but I just find it boring. But that's just me. Someone needs to suck or it's no fun, you know?

The Voice Scorecard

  • Tony Lucca, “How You Like Me Now.” HIT! Tony is seasoned and it really showed on this song. This song is something we normally hear in TV commercial songs, but Tony made it cool.
  • Erin Willett, “Without You.” OK. I think Erin needed to pull out the big guns this week if she wanted a shot at beating her fellow Team Blake member Jermaine, but she didn't quite get there. She's probably in trouble tonight.
  • Chris Mann, “Ave Ma

    ria.” HIT! I'm not sure that's the right song for this show, but he slayed it regardless. I bet he's in the finale.

  • Jamar Rogers, “If You Don't Know Me By Now.” HIT! I think this song blows, but Jamar made me hate it way less. He's a star.
  • Jermaine Paul, “Open Arms.” HIT! This man is a beast!  He can do no wrong at this point.
  • Katrina Parker, “Killing Me Softly.” HIT! I haven't really thought much of Katrina this season, but I think this was her best effort yet. Was it enough to take the lead from fellow Team Adam member Tony? Probably not. Maybe? Ack! No clue!
  • Lindsay Pavao, “Skinny Love.” OK. I'm not much of a Lindsay fan. She's been pretty hit and miss if you ask me. This was just kind of middle of the road and this was not a good time to be middle of the road. I think she might be edged out by opera man Chris.
  • Juliet Simms, “It's A Man's World.” HIT! I think Juliet deserves a spot in the finale after this, but I think her beating Jamar for the one spot on Team Cee Lo is impossible. That's sad.

Best Performance of the Night



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