Who Won The Voice 2012?

Was it Chris Mann, Jermaine Paul, Juliet Simms or Tony Lucca

Who Won The Voice 2012?


Former Alicia Keys backup singer Jermaine Paul was crowned winner of The Voice Season 2 tonight at the end of the live two-hour finale.

He represented Team Blake Shelton, so his win makes Blake a winner as well. Coming in 2nd place was Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo. Third place went to Team Adam's Tony Lucca and Chris Mann, from Team Christina, finished in fourth pl


Jermaine, 32, is a married father of four. He says his musical influences include Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. He spent eight years singing back  up for Alicia Keys before taking his shot at solo stardom by auditioning for The Voice.

“I feel so blessed,” Jermaine said of his experience on The Voice. “I guess I feel like it's a new beginning and a great new chance to do what I always wanted to since childhood days of singing in the living room at home.”

Find out where Jermaine came in on our Top 5 Best Performances list.



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JSULAOAV7UJYP5OKFUMG3SN3D4 jusme

    Cee-Lo threw away the winner last week. But, I am happy with the winner and would have been with any of them, even Chris Mann, despite my disdain for Christina.

    • Kemitchell

      I agree…last week Cee-lo threw away the real winner…I voted like 50 times and the again in the morning, but I’m happy for Jermaine…and all of them bc they’ve been discovered so all the top 4 will come out as winners

    • Jo

      I agree too… but i’m happy with Jermaine winning though!

  • Bjanney23

    I loved Juliet!!!!!!! =[[

    • Olive

      I thought Juliet was gonna pull off the win!

  • Summerchaser

    Jermaine Paul did the best job on his song Monday….. which is suppose to be what one is judged on. so he did the best.
    I thought Juliet Simms had done well on some songs during the competition but Monday wasn’t her night. Tony Lucca kept being bashed by dear sweet christina alias pea greener…… and Chris Mann will do great in the business but this really wasn’t his gig…..

  • Jlb69

    Chris Mann and tony luca were both my favorite. :( but jermaine is amazing as well and equally deserving.

  • Me1234

    Really thought Juliet would hav ewon, but I am fine with Jermaine

  • Jo

    yes yes yes all the way to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Logelfojulia

    Juliet was the supposed to be winner, she had like 15000000 times more talent than jermaine. Jermaine was not good at all. I’m dissapointed about America’s decission

    • Daysiart

      Jermaine has a disc, Juliet has the future

      • Cdg56

        now here is someone that is talking some sense…this lady is going places to be sure

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dale-McClung/1759998440 Dale McClung

    Unfourutnately this was the obvious winner adam and cee lo threw a way their best singers the week before. I really wanted chris to win out of the four of them but i guess its kind of good that jermaine won b/c if last season is any indicator he will to fade into obscurity and never be remember

  • Xcxxxv

    I honestly haven’t seen the voice before (even though I wanted to) but if i could i still would’ve voted for Juliet, mainly because of her boyfriend, Andy. Do you think anyone voted for her just because of that?

  • Nosserwal


  • sandy

    Good job on the black guy but i really wanted neither tony or chirs mann to win and dumb ceelo picked dumb chssa over tony vicent

  • Nunzia1902

    Mr. Mann should have won!

  • http://www.facebook.com/LuluLovesYouMichelle Lauren Michelle Marcos

    Juliet should have won !!!

    • Ss18418

      No!!!!!!!!!!!! Way!!!!!!!!!!!!! She stunk!!!!!!!

  • Sherry

    Juliet should of won. Then Tony Lucca, then Chris Mann, and then Jermaine. I thought his last song was not his best. He Rocked in Soul Man. Juliet has a gritty rocker voice, with a lot of strength. When I watched her sing ” It’s A Mans World ” I realized my entire body was tense while she gave it her all, she made me give my all like I was there. She puts everything plus the kitcen sing in her songs.

  • Skull1777

    Im sorry for the others they put all there hard work and efortt it to singing but it had to come down to one i am so glad jermaine won he may have had a little advantage but he tryed just a little bit more

  • Casenboy

    makes me wonder about the voice. it was obvious that jermaine was the weakest link. wow. i really hope they fire christina for her blatant rudeness and cruel manner to tony lucca. that they allowed her to be such a B*#@! is just a huge let down. Adam, you are awesome. Juliette deserved to win!!!!!!!

  • MaR’ya McIntyre

    I didn’t even watch it, but I wish Juliet would have won, she’s got an amazing voice.