Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Promo

TLC gives you a sneak peek into Honey Boo Boo Child's new show

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Promo

If you love a good trainwreck like me, then you're going to love this. It's the new promo for TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

What's a Honey Boo Boo you may ask? Well, it's a hilarious little pageant queen that rose to her own level of fame after her hilarious episode of Toddlers & Tiaras. TLC responded to her popularity by giving the little country diva her own show.

The show won't just focus on Honey Boo Boo, who's actual name is Alana, but also her mom, dad and three older sisters. At this point I can't really tell what the show will cover. From the promo I notice some mud wrestling, some armpit flatulence, and her mom scratching her bugs. That's pretty much all you need these days to get your own reality show, so there you go.

I'm not saying this is going to be a good show. It actually promises to be completely awful. It's going to be trash TV at its worst and I'll be there to point, laugh and share my thoughts with you.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo premieres Wednesday, Aug. 8.



  • Wes Dorne

    Wow, this looks terrible. TLC must be desperate for content!

    • Hallway3

      I whole heartedly agree. I believe television has just reached an all time LOW. The previews are just sick. I cannot believe that this group of rather untalented, pathetic people have been given a television show. I would rather watch NOTHING. Come on TLC, what are you thinking?

    • alexandre

      i agree that they must be desperate —leaving the learning part out, unless you want to know about an ugly piglet and her pig mother. the child is obnoxious, untalented,fat and ugly…how she ever got into ‘beauty pageants’ is a wonder”"”"”"”"Of course every one wants to see her belly fat and fart noises….jeez that is ‘learning’, isn’t it? AND slurring her words as she tries to ‘pretend’ any knowledge of the English language. Following in the footsteps of her sisters, she should have about six kids by the time she is 21…..SHE DON’T KNOW HOW TO COUNT

      • Toni

        I was wondering that, too. She is ugly and fat indeed.

  • Charlie Toft

    I AM SO THERE. I have been curious about the sister who has been nicknamed “Chubs.” Because wow, how does a family decide this is a fine thing to call a teenage girl?

  • Guest

    all time low in tv programming, all time low

  • Megtyler098

    what has television come to? i’m not old enough to remember the days where there were no reality shows and mtv only played music. in fact when i was born, the real world was just getting started. (i’m in my teens) i’m sick of see these trash shows. from what i heard, her sister is a pregnant teen. it’s embarrassing to know that our country is so socially incorrect. we have 14 years old having sex, doing drugs, drinking and getting pregnant. i understand in other countries, yes some kid are doing this, but they’re countries aren’t exploiting it so much. 16 and pregnant? example no. 1: more and more girls are having sex so they can have their 15 minutes of fame. jersey shore. example no. 2: more and more people are growing stupid from watching this. it’s degrading to see the boys treat the women on there. disgusting! just think of how this is going to influence our next generations children as well as the children now. i hope society changes soon or things may get worse.

    • Megtyler098


  • Swgreyfocus

    I’d sooner coordinate my own crucifixion that tune in for five minutes of Honey Boo Boo.

  • Lisa Bafetti

    I am so excited for this show to be on

    • Phhaw34

      And you’re an idiot.

    • Dan Fielding

      You must be related to the family

    • sariah

      I LOVE this show!!

  • Amber

    Your so stupid but funny here comes honey boo boo

  • Uniquedesignsbyshelly

    This has got to be the worst form of CHILD ABUSE. Seriously, how can a parent think this is Cool and healthy for a child to be looked upon as TRASH, FAT SLOB, and STUPID. This is what these people are promoting for that kid. What happened to the child protection services? Or did this trash jnst spend the CPS’s last welfare dollar too? I will NOT watch this show just for the sake of keeping one less point on the rating system. Hopefully others will step in and do the same. America does not need this.

  • Uniquedesignsbyshelly

    Let me add to my last sentence in my previous post…
    AMERICA does not need this TRASH on tv. YES i called them TRASH. That’s what they are. Hopefully if they make any money off that stupid show, they’ll have someone manage it for them and educate the entire family and put them in counceling as well as weight manangement.

  • Laura Griffin

    I’ll bet Mickey Wood is chewing nails right now. Hell, she’s probably done with the nails by now and has moved on to the barn boards. All of her years of hard work to get a show for her money ticket (Eden) and she ends up on some obscure unheard of network with 6 (?) shows?

    Then along comes the barrel-scrapers of America and after only one appearance on T&T, they get their own show.

    LOL…oh the irony of it all is too freakin’ funny.



  • thezookeeper

    TLC no longer stands for The Learning Channel. Now it’s Total Lack of Class!

    • sariah

      DUH!! you have to watch the National Geographic channel to learn stuff!!

  • nannyann

    I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw this was coming on. Toddlers and Tiaras is bad enough, but to take an unattractive child with unattractive white trash parents and make a show out of it!! The poor kid only made it in to those stupid pageants because she was done up and fitted with false teeth, etc. I have to wonder about the decline of intelligence on the part of North American viewers when a channel like TLC continues not only to thrive but to exist at all by making celebrities out of the morbidly obese, addicted and generally dysfunctional. “The Learning Channel” – that’s a laugh. I’ll pass thanks and read a good book instead….

  • Lfacemaker

    The mother of this child is 32 and the dad is 40 and they have a 17, 15 & 12 yr old besides the 6 yr old making her 15 when she had the 1st & him 23. I dont care what state they’re from thats statutory rape isnt it? Plus how can you ever think that this woman or man can parent children correctly at that age. Babies having babies..The husband doesnt look like he’s wrapped too tight anyway so these kids lose all the way around. TLC has reached far beyond the trash heap for this show..what a shame that people will sit and watch this just so they can say their lives are better than theirs

  • Alexxusreyn

    This absolutely disgusts me. What is wrong with TLC? No one wants to see this deplorable show. The parents…and I use that term very loosely….have 4 daughters and their ‘mother’ (who btw as the same-sex parent of these girls is their most valuable role model in life) sits on her fat ass joking about head lice? Their oldest child at 17 says she isn’t redneck because they have teeth??? Are you kidding me? Wow glad these girls set their standards so high. The mother was 15 when she had her first child with her sex-offender husband. They give their 6 year old BOTTLES to drink out of for pageants filled with her ‘go go juice’ which is Mountain Dew and Red Bull! That is child abuse. No wonder all of their kids are morbidly obese. These girls will all end up having babies before they’re legal to vote just like their trashy mother. Someone ought to step in and send Daddy to prison for screwing kids, send Mommy’s fat ass to Jenny Craig and all 4 of these kids need sent to some sort of Fat Camp and then SCHOOL! This show is a damn good reason to keep kids in school! The parents are neglectful and abusive….instigating all of their kids to be sloppy, lazy, porky pigs who survive on soda and a complete void of class. pathetic TLC…..pathetic

  • Doll-Face

    Once again I blush in shame for what my country has become. Our television shows are also seen by other countries, and this truly embarrasses me to the core. Not only are they giving our country a bad name, they’re giving the south a bad name. Admitedly, I’m making plans to move out of this country because I can’t stand it here, but I never expected American television to get this bad. That’s it television is dead. I literally feel my IQ dropping everytime I turn on the television.
    P.S. As a true Southern Belle with class and manners, I must say that their accents sound fake and over dramatized.

  • Dan Fielding

    What a butt ugly kid,

  • Dan Fielding

    TLC has lost their bitty minds, This has got to be one of the most stupidest shows ever to be aired on TV,


  • Abbyboom

    honey boo boo??? what has this world become?

  • Lyzettednorthington1972

    Omg please take this show and bury it. the child is rude and disgusting. the mom omg nasty neck feet eyes small dark underneath on eyelids and when she smiles where are your eyes you are a nasty ugly fat bitch from the country