Honey Boo Boo Child At Home

Take a closer look at Alana Thompson and her Go-Go Juice

Honey Boo Boo Child At Home

I have no idea how I missed Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” Thompson’s appearance on Dr. Drew a couple months ago, but I’m going to try to make up for that by sharing a hilarious clip from that now.

Honey Boo Boo and her mom, the Coupon Queen, took some time out of their busy lives for a camera crew to come in and find out just what makes Alana tick. And what does make the little beauty queen tick? Her Go-Go Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuice of course! What’s Go-Go juice, you ask? Well, it’s a 20-ounce bottle of Mt. Dew minus a few drinks from the Coupon Queen to make room for the second ingredient: Red Bull energy drink.

And the result is a hopped-up, hilarious Honey Boo Boo Child. “Y’all think you’re all that and a pack of crackers but yo not,” she said in her Go-Go Juice high.

I think Honey Boo Boo Child might be my new favorite thing on the planet. And I couldn’t be more excited that she’s getting her own show. We first met Honey Boo Boo on Toddlers & Tiaras last season and if you’ve never seen her in action then, grab some Go-Go Juice, wipe the snot from your nose and sit back and enjoy the latest from Honey Boo Boo:

What do you think of Honey Boo Boo Child? Will you be watching her new show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?


  • http://twitter.com/ChelsiaHart Chelsia Hart

    Her mother makes me want to vom.

  • Raeshawn

    I think her mom might be a little special ed. Can’t wait for this show! Dolla make me holla honey boo boo child. It’s going to be good, indeed.
    “I think Honey Boo Boo Child might be my new favorite thing on the planet. And I couldn’t be more excited that she’s getting her own show.” Agreed. Bring it.

  • LUCKY900


    • red

      your right honey boo boo child

    • theresa

      No the child is not funny she is a uneducated 6 year old redneck.

    • Neighbor

      Lucky…..um, go over the comments here. Read them, then read them again. Maybe you will learn something?

  • AnnieO

    This is really disgusting and funny only in a very base way. I can’t beleive the mother is giving her child Red Bull! The whole family seems a tad on the disfunctional side. I’ll be passing on this show.

  • Fenderferyl

    I really don’t see what’s funny about this… at all

  • red

    i love Honey Boo Boo Child i love her

    • D Marie

      I feel sorry for you.

  • red

    i love Honey Boo Boo Child i love her

  • redrose

    i love Honey Boo Boo Child i love her

  • redrose

    i love Honey Boo Boo Child i love her

  • Bukama

    Seriously? How deep into the trash heap is reality TV going to dig? That this smartass, hopped up, redneck little piglet has a reality show is just sad. Hell, it’s beyond sad. It’s disgusting. The Kardashians and Paris Hilton are going to look like brainiacs by comparison.

    • D Marie

      You could not of said it any better, I totally agree with you.

  • Goldiegirl12

    This is so so sad! Nothing funny at all about this family. They need some counseling not a reality tv show… Wow American tv has taken a serious decline in respect for American people!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XMMXBYR26MSCZ2PNEFNCQVUEKQ charliegirlsmile

    Instead of giving this dysfunctional family a tv show the authorities should be investigating them for drugging a 6 yr old with large amounts of caffeine and encouraging obnoxious behavior that will create problems for her in the future when she has to live in the real world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fprevost2 Francine Prevost

    this is just sad, sad, sad….TLC you’ve gone down in your judgement of tv programming, you will not get me on board this bandwagon. This child needs to be taken away by CPS and the parents thrown in jail for letting this happen.

    • Neighbor

      agreed 100 %

  • Tsmith3948

    Disgusting. The girl at 6 is barely comprehendible! She needs subtitles like a foreign film!!! And her mom??? Taking a look at her body she completely disregards health so it’s no surprise she is promoting crack like amounts of caffeine which, will probably be balanced with Ridelin in a year. It’s so sad this is what we call entertainment… The demise of a young girl’s health, the regression of her intelligence and the beginning of a life long struggle to addiction…. Thanks mom! Great job! Hey I wonder if it’ll still be laughing when her “dollas” are coming from stripping… Bc hey she’s got to do more then show her belly and her go go juice is a hit of coke followed by liquor. Honey, this is going to cause you a huge boo boo, child. CPS help her now!

    • Theresa

      I agree CPS should be involved because this family is in need of parenting skills. The poor child needs guidance. It is nice that she has self esteme, however, she is only pretty when she has fake hair, and make up on. When she gets a few years older she will look like the rest of her family not only ugly but over weight. The only reason this little girl is getting a TV show is so people can make fun of her. This show will hurt her in the long run. POOR PARENTING!!!!!!

  • Brandtrobin1

    Sad and disturbing…my wife is pregnant and I can tell you..i will not be raising my child to act like that.

    • Neighbor

      thank goodness. America thanks you.

  • Cipolla7

    So sad. Let’s applaud these parents for exploiting their child. I guess it’s easier than getting off your fat white trash asses and getting a job. Nothing good will come out of this.

  • Lilvegasgirl729

    Definition of white trash right there in a nutshell.. Disgusts me that tlc is wasting money on this shit.. Who would raise their child like that?? Using that language?? Just makes their whole family look ridiculous.. Hope they realize that. And no I will not waste any time of mine watching this stupid shit.. Thankyou!

  • april

    Anyone who LIKES this is probably just as disfunctional as these morons! All the things they can make a reality show of and this is what they came up with. A bunch of pigs rolling around DISGUSTING and SAD!

  • Tpalmer19743

    i am sorry that kid is a brat…..she is hyped up on mt.dew and red bull..which would make most adults feel hyper themselves…those kind of stimulants are unhealthy on a regular basis especially for children..why dont you just let her blow a line and video her because thats probably how she feels and she is always going to need a pep me up if she is drinking that crap at her age…and what ios wrong with these pagent moms filling their kids with sugar,pixie sticks,energy drinks so they can performwhy dont they let them act dress and behave like the little girls they are and be judged on manners,intelligence and talent.not how hyper they are i am sure that go go juice makes her behave like that.

  • TPALMER19743

    i am not going to say anything negative about the little girl.IT IS 100 PERCENT HER PARENTS FAULT.all children are angels in gods eyes and she is beautiful just painfully misguided and will deal with weight and addiction issues all her life because of whats happening to her now.SHE CAN BE SAVED PLEASE GET INVOLVED FAMILY THAT REALIZES THIS IS WRONG.WHOLE FAMILY CANT BE THAT IGNORANT.IF NOT COPS NEED TO DO THEIR JOB. I FEEL SORRY FOR HER

    • Angelosdaughter

      I think Alana is adorable without the wig and makeup, but I have a problem with the kid pageant culture. It exploits and sexualizes little girls. I am also in agreement with those who think the mother is lacking judgement and ocmmon sense hopping her little girl up on energy drinks and soda to perform for these stupid pageants. She is grooming her for the drug lifestyle. Child Protective Services should definitely be involved.

  • Kjfine04

    She’s already fat and by judging her family she’s going to continue to get fat loading up on mass amounts of sugar and caffeine. She’s going to wind up in rehab one day if she doesn’t die from a heart attack first due to her obesity and caffeine consumption. When that happens her parents should be charged with murder for promoting the lifestyle and financially benefiting from it.

  • Crazye19852004

    WTF is the world coming to! This show is sickening! I have 3 kids one of which is a girl! If she ever acted like this litte white trash girl I would flip. Not to mention her fatter more white trash parents who should have seen planned parenthood and did the world a favor! This is why abortion is an option because people like that should never procreate

    • Wendyeyes

      Uhhh, I get that this family is crazy dysfunctional, but be grateful that this country allows reproductive rights to all- it’s just awful that you are judging whether this girl
      should be alive? I am pro choice- but it’s not YOUR choice.

  • Neighbor

    Tsmith…I am with you. I don’t call it entertainment. I am horrified. Here’s a show I wouldn’t watch. lol
    The “mom” is pimping out her kid and killing her at the same time. Not to mention, teaching her to be fat-white-trash. UGH…grody

  • TheLibertine

    I find the casual use of “redneck” and “white trash” interesting in the comments posted. How many of said posters consider themselves progressive and culturally sensitive? I just find the double standard around political correctness oh so charming.

    With that said, reality television continues to devolve in lock step with the devolution of American core values. All of it is a distraction from the real issues that put our country’s future in jeopardy. If you keep watching, you are contributing to the problem much like the people who back up traffic rubbernecking at an accident scene. It’s your choice.

  • Qwertylady

    Homely obese child with make-up. Her eating habits are being developed now for continued obesity. She might make a good character actor in later years. Acting seems to fit her personality and lots of actors are dysfunctional.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.sakowski Jennifer Sakowski

    How is this in any way funny? that poor kid.

  • Msteph17

    Sad, so sad. These people are extremely poor, no money, dysfunctional crazzy and trashy.,the mother is proud of her pregnant 17 years old daughter because like she said she had her when she was 15 and daughter got pregnant 2 after. Honey boo boo is ugly with no talent, and never had won a big Tittle.

  • Audrey

    I think it is hilarious

  • Acaputo3

    Guess what, there are really people like this out in the world…get over it. They seem perfectly happy to me. There is no basis for a CPS call. It’s not illegal to give your child soda or red bull. Might not be good and I wouldn’t recommend it but certainly her right! I think you are all just awful making fun of, calling names and just saying mean stuff about a 6 year old child.

  • Whv965@hotmail.com

    Wtf who gives a child that shit get real!! Worst parents!! Someone should take that kid off her!

  • bigg3469

    It’s official TLC Network just finally gave that fat little brat Honey Boo Boo “The Axe” or in layman terms cancelled her idiotic show.