Toddlers & Tiaras Stars Don't Get Paid

Insider says pageant queens get nothing but exposure

Toddlers & Tiaras Stars Don't Get Paid

No wonder all those Toddlers & Tiaras pageant queens and their crazy mom are so damned hungry for the Most Absolute Best and Most Ultimatest Ultimate Grand Supreme title. They want some moooooooneeeeey! And they're not getting it from TLC.

Radar Online has revealed that the glitzy tikes from the TLC trainwreck, I mean reality show, aren't getting a penny from the network. Even though they get on national television and humiliate themselves (I'm talking about the moms).

Toddlers & Tiaras does not pay their kids,” an insider told Radar Online. “They survive off of finding unique stories that draw in viewers. They don't even pay for the families' entry fees into the pageants. But the moms do it because it's good exposure for their little girls and that's exactly what they want.”

So much for a dollar making you holler, honey boo-boo child.

“They can cast their entire season without paying a talent fee,” the insider added. “It is brilliant.”

It looks like little Alana Thompson and her mom might have figured out the special formula (Go-Go Juice) for earning a paycheck from TLC since she's getting her own show that is most certainly a paying gig.

Do you think the kids should get paid for appearing on Toddlers & Tiaras?


  • Acaputo3

    Absolutely they should! TLC makes plenty off the show! They are using these kids and its not fair!!! They should be paid!

    • Gorge113

      They need to take these ” babies” away from the mothers, it’s all about the mother, if the babies could talk they would say WTF am I doing here, get me the F out of here

      • G’sMommy

        You are dumb.,…My baby CAN talk (she is 2) and tells me she wants to do pageants. She loves getting all dressed up and doing her pageant. Even when we are at home she asks me to dress her up and turn on music so she can “do her pageant”. She has been doing them since she was 15 months old (she could talk very well then also) and has never told me she doesnt want to do a pageant. She begs me to let her do them. She has made friends and she is so proud of all of her trophies and crowns.

  • michelina

    Definitely. These children should have at leas an education fund set up in their names for their futures that their families cannot touch. Why shouldn’t the children benefit?