Top Chef Seattle: Past Suppers

Chefs have to create healthier versions of dishes from seasons past

Top Chef Seattle: Past Suppers

This week on Top Chef Seattle, the cheftestants were asked to make healthier versions of dishes from the past nine seasons. Each of the nine remaining chefs were assigned a season and a dish. The winning dish will be used to inspire a new Healthy Choice microwave office lunch. Oh boy. Yum.

It was nice to see some of the clips from past seasons. I had forgotten how much I didn’t like Betty from Top Chef 2. It wasn’t nice to have to look at Season 9 villain Heather’s nasty face again, though. What a horrible person.

Top Chef Episode 9 Scorecard

Quickfire Challenge: Display their knife skills, from sharpening to breaking down a rabbit

Quickfire Challenge Winner: Micah (he wins immunity and a ridiculously expensive knife)

Elimination Challenge: Re-create a dish from a past season memorable moment, but make it healthier

The Past Season Pairings:

  • Josie: Season 1
  • Stefan: Season 2
  • John: Season 3
  • Sheldon: Season 4
  • Lizzie: Season 5
  • Josh: Season 6
  • Brooke: Season 7
  • Kristen: Season 8
  • Micah: Season 9

Top Chefs: Josh, Kristen and Brooke

Bottom Chefs: John and Lizzie

Top Chef episode 9 winning dish

Winning Dish: Kristen’s Poached Chicken Breast, Carrot Puree with Garlic and Tofu Emulsion (shown above). Her inspiration was Carla’s Chicken Pot Pie from Season 8.

Second Chance Challenge: Uh-oh! John and Lizzie get to recreate the memorable moment from this season for a shot to stay in the contest! They have to put a healthy spin on CJ’s burger from this season.

Eliminated Chef: John. Lizzie’s chicken burger was just better and healthier.