Top Chef Final Three Chosen

Contestants go from Seattle to Alaska as the head into the finale

Top Chef Final Three Chosen

At the start of this week’s Top Chef, we watched four chefs — Lizzie, Sheldon, Joshua and Brooke — step off the cruise ship and into cold Alaska. By the end of the episode, the final three were chosen and poised to fight for their spot in the finale in two weeks.

And since they’re in Alaska, the challenges are involve Alaskan staples: crab, salmon and sourdough bread. It was a fun week. I wasn’t happy with the outcome at the end of it, but there’s always Top Chef Last Chance Kitchen.

Top Chef Last Chance Kitchen Spoiler Alert

Speaking of which, Kristen once again bested the eliminated chef in Last Chance Kitchen. But it sounds like just barely. So Kristen is still poised to re-enter the game and compete in the finale.

Sheldon wins the quickfire

Top Chef Episode 14  Scorecard

Quickfire Challenge: Take the coveted Alaskan King crab and make it shine in a dish.

Quickfire Winner: Sheldon’s King Crab, Dungeness Crab “Miso,” Pine-Smoked Asparagus & Charred Corn (shown above)

Elimination Challenge: Showcase salmon and sourdough

Top Chefs: Brooke and Joshua

Brooke wins the elimination challenge

Winning Chef: Brooke (again!) for her Sockeye Salmon & Seafood Broth with Mustard Seed Caviar & Dill Sourdough (shown above).

Bottom Chefs: Sheldon and Lizzie

Losing Chef: Lizzie

I’m pretty sure this season is being very pre-determined by producers. It sounded like Sheldon had the worse dish, but they want him to go on and not Lizzie. And in this week’s Last Chance Kitchen, it sounded like Lizzie could have beaten Kristen and gotten a chance to come back in the game. Does this all mean they’re aiming for a Sheldon-Kristen finale. Eh. I think a Brooke-Kristen finale would be more interesting.

What did you think of this week’s Top Chef? Did the right chef go home?



  • Samantha42

    Lizzie definitely deserved to go, she has been on the bottom multiple times and Sheldon never is. Both of their dishes sucked equally, but she has sucked more previously.