Top Chef Seattle: Fried Chicken Challenge!

Top Chef gets back to basics but chefs still overthink it

Top Chef Seattle: Fried Chicken Challenge!

Finally a Top Chef challenge I can understand! Step aside duck confit, foie gras and reductions and foams of all kinds! Make room for good old fried chicken.

I was just saying to someone last week to that I want Top Chef contestants to just make fried chicken or hamburgers. And my wish was granted this week. Of course they all still had to overthink it and put their pretentious foodie spin on it, which was a problem because head chef Tom Collichio told them, to just simply make fried chicken. Sigh.

The good news is, at least three of the six remaining chefs made decent chicken. But the even better news is that Josie was FINALLY eliminated. After weeks in the bottom and someone escaping the chopping block, she finally packed her knives. But not before Padme seemingly tried to push for Brooke to be eliminated. That would’ve been two front-runners eliminated back to back (last week it was Kristen when it should have been Josie).

Warning: Top Chef Last Chance Kitchen Spoiler Ahead

And just to ease your fears and mine, Josie lost the last-chance cooking battle between herself and Kristen. And I don’t think she’ll beat CJ in the fan vote to battle Kristen in the Last Chance Kitchen finale. So I think she’s officially out of the contest.

Stefan wins quickfire

Top Chef Scorecard

Quickfire Challenge: Impress master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi with a sushi dish.

Quickfire Winner: Stefan’s Yellowtail with Grilled Shiitake and Raw Lobster with Seaweed and Unagi (shown above). He gets no immunity but he does win $5,000.

Elimination Challenge: Simply make fried chicken for a dinner party hosted at Tom’s rented Seattle home.

Top Chefs: Josh, Lizzie and Sheldon

Main Challenge Winner: Josh’s Smoked Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce and Blue Cheese (shown below).

Josh's winning dish

Bottom Chefs: Josie, Stefan and Brooke

Eliminated Chef: Josie

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