Top Chef Season 10 Preview

Take a look at the new season set in Seattle and meet the chefs

Top Chef Season 10 Preview

Top Chef headed to Seattle for its 10th season and that premiere is set for Wednesday, Nov. 7 on Bravo. We’ve got the first look at the season below and it looks like there’s going to be a lot of drama and a “twist for the ages.”

Oh, and it would appear that the douchey handlebar mustache has replaced the mohawk for the official Top Chef look this season. Let’s meet the season 10 chefs:

  • Lizzie Binder; 37 years old; Previously Executive Chef, Bar Bambino, San Francisco, California
  • Tina Bourbeau; 42 years old; Executive Chef/ Senior Director of Research and Development, FreshDirect
  • Chrissy Camba; 31 years old; Chef, Bar Pastoral, Chicago, Illinois
  • Stephanie Cmar; 27 years old; Rounds Cook, No. 9 Park, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Micah Fields; 28 years old; Executive Chef, The Standard Hotel, Los Angeles, California
  • Eliza Gavin; 38 years old; Chef and Owner, 221 South Oak Bistro, Telluride, Colorado
  • Anthony Gray; 35 years old; Executive Chef, Southern Art Bourbon Bar, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jeffrey Jew; 34 years old; Personal Chef
  • Gina Keatley; 32 years old; Dietitian and Founder, Nourishing USA, Harlem, New York
  • Kristen Kish; 28 years old; Chef de Cuisine, Stir – BL Gruppo, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Danyele McPherson; 31 years old; Sous Chef, The Grape Restaurant, Dallas, Texas
  • Daniel O’Brien; 32 years old; Chef and Owner, Seasonal Pantry, Washington, DC
  • Carla Pellegrino; 43 years old; Executive Chef and Owner, Bacio (Las Vegas, Nevada) and Bratalian Neapolitan Cantina (Henderson, Nevada)
  • Jorel Pierce; 28 years old; Chef de Cuisine, Euclid Hall, Denver, Colorado
  • Sheldon Simeon; 30 years old; Executive Chef, Star Noodle, Lahaina, Hawaii
  • John Tesar; 54 years old; Chef and Restaurateur, Spoon Bar & Kitchen, Dallas, Texas
  • Joshua Valentine; 33 years old; Pastry Chef, FT 33, Dallas, Texas
  • Bart Vandaele; 42 years old; Executive Chef and Owner, Belga Café and B Too, Washington, DC
  • Tyler Wiard; 41 years old; Executive Chef and Culinary Director, Elway’s Restaurant Group, Denver, Colorado
  • Brooke Williamson; 34 years old; Co-Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Hudson House (Redondo Beach, California) and The Tripel (Playa del Rey, California)
  • Kuniko Yagi; 35 years old; Executive Chef, upcoming David Myers restaurant, Los Angeles, California


  • Cat van Zyl (in B&W)

    Oh most awesome! This is another favorite of mine. I can’t wait!? I wonder what the twist is?