Top Chef Seattle: Meet The Final Four!

Chefs take over the kitchen of a luxury cruise ship

Top Chef Seattle: Meet The Final Four!

This week on Top Chef Seattle, the Final Five contestants — Lizzie, Stefan, Josh, Sheldon and Brooke — boarded a cruise ship and only four got off in Alaska.

The final returning contestant, Sheldon, was the one who packed his knives and go. That means the final four is Lizzie, Josh, Brooke and Sheldon. And one of them will be the next Top Chef. Well, unless Stefan or Kristen or CJ win Last-Chance Kitchen and return to win the show.

So the chefs are headed to Alaska for the final challenges, but before they get there they’ve got to complete this week’s Quickfire Challenge and Elimination Challenge aboard the ship. Fun, fun.

Top Chef Episode 13 Scorecard

Quickfire Challenge: Create a dish with iceberg lettuce as the main ingredient. And foodies across the country fall down and die.

Quickfire Winner: Sheldon’s Vietnamese lettuce wrap (not pictured above because dropped the ball this week)

Elimination Challenge: Put a new spin on Surf N Turf. And it’ll be served in the ship’s quirky restaurant Q-sine.

Top Chefs: Brooke, Josh and Lizzie

Winning Chef: Brooke for her frog legs (that’s turf???) and mussels

Bottom Chefs: Sheldon and Stefan

Eliminated Chef: Stefan for his over-crunchy pork belly and eel ravioli

Were you sad to see Stefan go? Did the judges make the right choice (not that you can truly answer this question since you didn’t taste the food  — ha!)?

Top chef Season 10 final 4

The final four

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  • Sandi

    “The final returning contestant, Sheldon, was the one who packed his knives and go.” No…Stefan was the final returning contestant to go.

    • JO

      yeah caught that too and I didn’t even watch this year. I always root for the women though and I guess I will have to see which woman is lizzie and which is Brooke since they didn’t put their names down.