Season 9 Episode 7 recap: They got game

Season 9 Episode 7 recap: They got game

Wednesday’s episode of Top Chef Texas saw the birth of a monster.

Yes folks, Heather has been officially crowned Season 9 Villain. And she worked so hard to earn the title. She earned the title by completely bullying poor little Beverly. Sure, reality TV bullies are nothing new, but after you hear Beverly’s little side story, you can’t help but feel her pain.

It turns out that Beverly was in such an abusive relationship that she pulled a “Sleeping With The Enemy” one day and escaped. So the sweet chef is surely damaged. So when you have Heather tormenting Beverly week after week, you can’t help but feel Heather is extra evil. And for some reason, so far, only Beverly has been her target. Hopefully she’ll branch out and cut Bev some slack soon.

OK, enough about Heather. On to the recap.

At the start of the show the chefs learn their weekly quickfire challenge. This week they were asked to make a dish that pairs well with tequila. Sounds easy enough to me. But that might be because I usually just pair my tequila with tortilla chips.

The three chefs landing on the bottom were Heather (haha!), Nerdy Chris and Sarah. The top three chefs were Cute Chris, Lindsay and Ty. It was Ty’s Steamed Clams in Thai Style Fish Caramel Sauce that came out on top. Ty didn’t win immunity but he did get to take home $5,000.

Padma then tells the chefs for their elimination challenge, they’ll be working in teams of two and they’ll be working with the person they’re standing next to. Unfortunately for Bev, by chance, she was standing next to Heather. For the challenge, they’ll cook a game dinner. And each team will be assigned a different kind of game meat (meat from animals typically hunted for sport) to cook.

Heather and Bev were given duck. Lindsay and Cute Chris got boar. Dakota and Nyesha were given venison. Grayson and Nerdy Chris were given elk. Sarah and Paul got squab, and Ty and Ed were given quail.

The chefs head off to Whole Foods for the weekly overly-dramatic shopping spree. We get to see the usual frantic shopping and we also get to see the start of Heather’s wrath on Bev. Everything Bev suggests, Heather shoots down.

Back at the kitchen, the verbal abuse continues as every five minutes Heather barks at Bev that they WILL NOT be cooking Asian food. Apparently since Bev is Asian, that’s all Heather thinks she’s capable of cooking. So that must mean since Heather is overweight she can only cook fatty fried foods served in bowls of gravy? Surely it must.

Cut to more frantic activity as the chefs run around the kitchen and drop sweat into all the food. This week there’s even more sweat because they’re being forced to cook in an extra tiny and hotter-than-usual kitchen. Yum.

Oh. The twist. I almost forgot the twist. The judges will pick the winner, but the chefs will actually be in charge of picking the bottom three dishes for elimination. Oh, and both chefs on the losing team will go home! Double eliminations are awesome.

So the judges taste the food and it seems most of the dishes don’t suck. They go with Ty and Ed’s Sorghum Quail with Pickled Cherries and Eggplant as the winning dish. That means they get $10,000 to split. So actually Ty walks away with $10,000 total from the episode. Not bad.

The chefs then meet to decide who goes into the bottom three. Of course no one wants to choose their own dishes despite it being clear who’s dishes were the worst. Heather refuses to say her dish sucked but she and Bev end up in the bottom three anyway. Joining them are Dakota and Nyesha and Grayson and Nerdy Chris.

At the judges’ table Heather goes off on a tangent about what Bev did wrong during last week’s challenge instead of defending her dish. She makes Bev cry some more. And it’s all for nothing because the judges don’t even pick their dish as the losing dish. That honor goes to Dakota and Nyesha’s raw Roasted Rack of Venison with Kobocha Squash and Beet Gratin (shown below).

The only thing missing in this photo is a buzzing fly.