Top Chef Masters Episode 2: Wedding Day

Chefs have to cater a wedding on the fly

Top Chef Masters Episode 2: Wedding Day

This week it was Top Chef Masters to the rescue after a couple canceled their wedding once and nearly lost the second chance at getting married as well.

Host Curtis Stone entered the Top Chef Masters kitchen to deliver this week’s challenge. But first he informed them there’d be no Quickfire Challenge this week. That’s because the challenge is an urgent one. Standing next to him is a man and woman. He introduces them as a couple who is getting married after a tragic event and a mishap with the wedding venue.

The Top Chef Masters are going to make sure the couple’s wedding is a success. Oh, and they’re getting married tomorrow. Sounds like a gamble to me. I know their “Masters” and all but would you really want under-pressure reality contestants cooking your wedding food? Especially after your first wedding plans turned out to be a disaster? Braver than me they are.

The chefs will have to come up with the complete wedding menu, from the cocktails to even the wedding cake. And I’ll say it again. In 24  hours.

The couple only throws out a couple of clues as to what they’d like: Asian food and a multi-teared wedding cake. That’s just vague enough for a disaster. Art raises his hand like a schoolgirl to volunteer to take on the task of the cake. I think that would be the last thing I’d want to do for a wedding. Especially one taking place tomorrow. But Art says he can handle it. He’s made cakes for Lady GaGa, Oprah and everyone else whose apparently had a birthday. Oh wait, what’s that on the floor, Art? You dropped something. Oh, nevermind, that’s just another name.

Uh-oh, it’s time for the frantic Whole Foods shopping montage. This week there aren’t any fights, but some people forget some stuff. I smell trouble. Or maybe that’s just Mark’s raw salmon.

Following the frantic shopping trip is the frantic food prep montage. These people continue to not impress me with any drama because they’re playing for charity. The real drama comes when struggling chefs want the money for themselves. So, since there’s no drama, let’s make fun of Art some more. He says he’s making a cake similar to the one he made for Lady GaGa’s 25th birthday. I hope it’s not what I’m imaging because that bride will be pissed when Art wheels out a cocaine cake covered in raw liver and severed Muppet limbs.

It’s wedding time. The Top Chef Masters Critics have crashed the ceremony and the reception. And it’s almost time to eat. But not until there’s a cake disaster. Art’s cake falls and all the others are scrambling to help him rebuild it. They put it back together but it looks like it was dragged behind a truck on a dirt road for a couple of miles. Delicious.

The critics try some of the food and remind me again that they’re probably the weakest part of the show. The regular Top Chef judges are one of the best parts of that show. These critics are second-rate at best. Like a sitcom character recast or something, it’s just not right.

The food overall seems to be a hit. The judges had some issues with the cake of course, some undercooked Salmon and an icky salad. So that means the Bottom 3 this week are Art, Mark and Debbie.

But before we go there, the Top 3 were called to judges table and they were Takashi, Patricia and Chris. Patricia wins the challenge with her Pickled Mackerel with Young Coconut and Chilie. She gets $10,000 for her charity.

Top Chef Masters Episode 2 Debbie

The judges call out the Bottom 3 and even though we think it’s going to be Art for his cake disaster, it’s Debbie who goes home for her salad (shown above) that looks only slightly better than cat vomit.



  • Blyons1154com

    What was the name of the song they had for their first dance on this episode……”I’ll be alright as long as you love me…?”

  • Finallyout09

    i want the name of the song also