Top Chef Reunion Highlights

Top Chef Reunion Highlights

Last night Bravo reunited the contestants from Top Chef Texas and as far as reunion shows go, it was actually wasn’t bad. Here are some highlights:

Sarah and Heather come off as the a-holes they are. Reunion shows are normally a time to redeem yourself. You know, one last shot at making America think you were edited poorly. Neither Heather nor Sarah did so. Heather blatantly refused to apologize for bullying Bev and Sarah sat there and rolled her eyes all night and pretty much told Andy Cohen he sucks at life for bringing up the fact that she (allegedly) told a judge to “f**k off” after the finale.

Mediocre Chef. The show put together a spoof on the show based around moments in the season when the chefs weren’t quite living up to their standards:

The dirty behind-the-scenes banter. Hearing Padme tell Tom that someone’s dish looked like labia was one of the best moments of the night. But it didn’t stop there. We got to hear Grayson tell Lindsay that she “rocked out with her clam out.” And Padme made a pubic hair joke to Charlize Theron. Hilarious.

Andy Cohen waiting until Watch What Happens Live to announce fan favorite. Seriously, Andy? You’re such a douche. Forcing us to watching your terrible show just to learn something we’ve seen playing out all season? You’ve revealed week after week which chef was in the lead. We already knew the winner was going to be Chris C. But anyway, here’s the Top 5 Fan Favorites (and their rankings):

  • 1. Chris C.
  • 2. Grayson
  • 3. Paul
  • 4. Beverly
  • 5. Nyesha