Top Chef Scorecard

Top Chef Scorecard

Top Chef didn’t make it easy on the remaining four chefs competing for a spot in next week’s finale. Paul, Lindsay, Sarah and Beverly were whisked away to the bitter cold of British Columbia for a series of challenges in the style of the Olympics – the Culinary Olympics, if you will.

And the challenges weren’t easy. They had to do everything from cook on a moving gondola to hack their ingredients from frozen ice to actually shoot their own food. OK, not exactly shoot their own food. They had to shoot at targets representing ingredients. But still. It was pretty hilarious seeing Bev handle a gun.



Round One Winner: Immediate spot in the finale and $10,000 – Lindsay



  Round Two winner: Second spot in the finale and $10,000 – Paul



 Round Three winner: Final spot in the finale and $10,000 – Sarah



 Eliminated Chef – Beverly


Poor Bev. I wanted to see her make it into the finale just to piss off Sarah and Heather. But she fought a good fight. So your final three are Paul, Sarah and Lindsay. One of them will take the title next week. I’ve got my money on Paul.