Top Chef Season 9 premiere recap: Everything’s bigger in Texas

Top Chef Season 9 premiere recap: Everything’s bigger in Texas

“Top Chef” Season 9 kicked off Wednesday night and of course it embraced Texas’ biggest cliche: Everything’s bigger in Texas.

Of course for “Top Chef” that just means starting with 29 contestants instead of the normal 16 then spending two whole episodes cutting them down to 16. So that’s what the Season 9 premiere consisted of. We got see 11 of the final 16 go through after the 29 were divided into three groups. We won’t know who the other five are until next week.

The first group went head to head and had to prepare a dish using parts of a pig. And the judges weren’t messing around with making the cuts. One guy was cut before he even got to cook because he sucked at butchering a pig. Another was cut for bad plating.

In the second group, each chef had to use rabbit as their main ingredient. The only obvious flop in this group was a chef failing to put ANY rabbit on her plate. She, of course, was sent home.

We didn’t get to see group 3 yet. But with only five spots left, it should be interesting.

Oh, and if the judges decided they weren’t sure if a particular chef should be put through or not, they were placed on “the bubble” and will cook again next week for the final spots.

And please forgive me for not knowing the chefs’ names yet. There are too many of them and half of them won’t make it past the first two episodes. Also my recaps will get much more meaty (with or without puns) when the contest really gets into it.