Anthony Bourdain To Star In New ABC Food Show

The recipe includes Nigella Lawson, plus bits and pieces from lots of old shows.

Anthony Bourdain To Star In New ABC Food Show

Celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain has had a lot of negative things to say about the way his old stomping grounds at the Food Network has become taken over by competition shows. Now he’s getting one of his own. Money solves everything!

Bourdain and British food maven Nigella Lawson have been tapped to host The Taste, which has an 8-episode order from ABC. The concept sounds a little confusing: four as yet unnamed food experts will mentor a team of cooks – amateurs and young professionals – who will compete to create the best dish within the parameters of challenges. These tests will be both individual and team, as the field gets winnowed down.

Also, blind taste tests will apparently be part of the team selection process, since it seems like every new show these days must copy this particular element of The Voice. Other than that, the show’s concept seems to borrow heavily from the current season of Food Network Star and the none-too-successful ABC summer singing show Duets.

No word yet on when this might air, though given the 8-week schedule, the winter months or next summer seem like the most obvious bets. One thing about that name, though: ABC already has The Chew, and now it’s adding The Taste. If they intend to create another show about a part of the digestive process, let’s hope they don’t gross us out with the title.