Kate Gosselin Looking For Love On TV?

Single mom of 8 seeks man who loves children and hates Ed Hardy.

Kate Gosselin Looking For Love On TV?

If ABC is looki

ng for its next Bachelorette, we hear Kate Gosselin is available…

The divorced mom of 8 is reportedly shopping a reality show documenting her search for love in a post-Jon Gosselin world. At 37, Kate looks better and younger than she did five years ago — remember that spiky, asymmetrical hairdo? — when we first met her on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8. On the downside, her personality is probably the same.

Kate famously split from husband Jon in 2009 in an acrimonious divorce that played out in the tabloids and led to the demise of their family reality show. Since then, Kate has appeared on Dancing With the Stars, where she established herself as one of the worst contestants the show has ever had, both in attitude and dancing ability.

Would you watch a show starring Kate Gosselin as a swingin' single



  • AnnieO

    couldn’t stand her before, won’t watch this one either! she should just get a real job and live like the rest of us cuz she really isn’t very special.

  • Burg Girl69

    Hell to the NO…just NO NO NO!!!!

  • chelle

    This is nuts! It would be another Train Wreck.

  • TruthTeller

    “Would you watch starring Kate Gosselin as a swingin’ single?” .. No. Not even the commercials. Not even as a non-swingin’ single.

  • AnnieO

    As soon as the guys got out of the limos they would be racing to get back in. Where on earth are they going to find 20 or so men to even go on it and stay.

  • PHS

    Oh my gosh! Please ask her go away.

  • Lyndaperky99

    No I do not want to watch her. She can’t keep a job so needs a man &/or TV show to support.

    I would possibly watch if it was about her going back to school. That would inspire women to not depend on handouts