Villain Of The Week: Stassi Schroeder

Someone remind this snob that she's a waitress on a reality show.

Villain Of The Week: Stassi Schroeder

In a Villain of the Week first, we’re giving this highest of honors to someone after the debut episode of her series. Congratulations, Stassi Schroeder, you’ve hit the big time! You can quit that boring day job now!

Just based on Bravo’s advertising campaign prior to the premiere, it was easy to predict that Vanderpump Rules was going to be a gold mine of obnoxiousness. Starring a collection of SoCal hotbodies who sneak in their jobs at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Sur amidst continual clubbing and sleeping around, this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff was just made for snark. But while many likely had their money on noted Hollywood husband-banger Scheana Marie as the favorite to achieve quick villainy (and it’s safe to say she’s no prize), it was her Episode 1 antagonist Stassi who instead made teeth grind across America.

Stassi is billed on Bravo’s site as a “model/fashion writer,” which since she lives in L.A. means she works in a restaurant (Lisa implied that she gave Stassi a job because she was friends with her daughter, and would have gotten rid of her long ago except for that). She had already achieved a small amount of reality TV fame before now: several years ago, when she was still a teenager, slightly heavier than she is today, and had hair dyed goth-black, she was part of the misbegotten “Family Edition” of The Amazing Race along with her brother and parents. At the time, Stassi was just annoying like most teenage girls and not very villainous, but you know what they say about late bloomers.

Since the fame-and-fortune thing has been slow in materializing (she has been working for Lisa for three years), Stassi has in the meantime settled for being the termite queen of the Sur staff, admitting that she tries to make life miserable for any employee she doesn’t like, in order to make them quit.

The premiere episode established Scheana  as the newcomer to Sur, having just moved over from Lisa’s other restaurant. It’s amazing anyone at a place this hormonal would look down on someone just for having had an affair, but Stassi had her claws out immediately, on the grounds that Scheana is trash, and not a cultured private school graduate and (!) descendant of a Swedish princess like her. Stassi’s own history of having boyfriends cheat on her (can’t imagine why) played into her hostility.

One day, Scheana walked into the workplace wearing a dress that Stassi felt looked suspiciously familiar. “Everyone at Sur knows that the gray-blue dress is MY color dress,” she huffed. “You just don’t go there.” She punished the newbie for this nonexistent crime by making her polish glasses to no purpose, even though she has no authority to be giving any orders.

Stassi’s bartender boyfriend Jax, who looks like a cross between Dylan McDermott and a caveman, argued it made sense to try to get along with a fellow employee, but she demanded total loyalty regarding her anti-Scheana views. “I don’t want anybody in my circle that’s a husband-stealing, famewhoring piece of shit,” she announced, oblivious to the irony of calling anyone else a famewhore. This happy couple is clearly on its last legs, foreshadowed by charming scenes such as Stassi warning Jax, “I am the devil, and don’t you forget it.”

It’s pretty obvious Stassi is playing up her mean girl side to make “good TV,” but it’s not hard to believe that the level of arrogance we saw on the Vanderpump Rules premiere is the real thing. How joyous that we have so many weeks ahead with her!


  • Ahd_346

    I laughed so loud at the fact that she’s a waitress an acts the way she does, I think that’s all that needs to be said

    • Still

      Thank you! She yammered on and on in one episode about her “stellar” education. Girl…you’re a waitress. I don’t care if you pulled good grades at University. You’re clearly dumber than a box of rocks with the way you speak and act.

  • Music1960s

    She looks like a young “Endora” from “Bewitched”. Who finds her attractive?? RUFF RUFF !!


      Do u people even think she really reads these conkers because of the show she vote a big head another dumb blonde


        Sorry my phone died she don’t read these she thinks she’s the shit the show went to her head an money


          She wants him to be her dog

  • Semol

    What a dumb bitch. I would probably waych this show if it wasn’t for this wanna be nothing. I have checked out completely.

  • Ast1630

    She’s disgusting. I hope she makes this show crash and burn! I like Lisa, but this show is crap!

  • Tjfg

    I think that Stassi morphed into a mean girl because she would be completely devoid of a personality otherwise. I think it is also obvious that she has suffered a crushing disappointment due to the fact that she is totally average looking. Poor little douche-hag!

    • Juliagulia

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! AMEN to the lack of personality. You can tell she’s insecure because probably growing up she got NO ATTENTION from males….and is trying to get some by being super clique-y and catty. Was ugly ugly now….her personality is what could save her..but thats shot to shit so now shes got her big fat cheeks..bump nose..and anorexic arms…and 15 minutes of fame.

      • Beachbitch

        I was shocked to learn she was a model. That other Kristen is just as plain. Are you kidding me? The men on the show are much better looking than the women. The only girl I think is cute is Scheana and of course all the other hags hate her.

        • Cheriesmystery

          I Know! Models? ? Pleassseee. They are average in the world and ug by Hollywood standards. Being a evil cow makes her even less appealing. CHELSEA CLINTON. Yea thats as close she will get to true fame. LOL

        • Troy

          Agree, Kristen is VERY ugly and Stassi is average at best…are they really models, or sleeping with the right men to get to where they need to be?

      • JanineA

        From Swedish princess to sushi waitress? And she brags about that? Average and ordinary and her tantrums are already boring. Except for sheanna, none of them are striking or stunning. And the girl with the stringy hair is somewhat ugly depending on the light. Zzzzzz

    • Still

      Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see right through Stassi. It’s almost sad how insecure she is and obviously has no idea how to control her anger. What’s worse…is that she’s going to have to go through life with her ugly ass personality on display for the world to see. Though I’m sure she’ll just tell people she was just “acting” nobody will buy it.

  • Semol

    Oh lord is this chic serious? Poor Lisa, this waste of space is ruining her show. Jax, dump this idiot. Cancelling your modeling gigs behind your back? Cmon dude! Stassi, you are the dumbest yatch I have seen on reality tv in a long time. Won’t be watching any more!

  • El

    Stassi is a bitch . No one proudly calls them self the devil. I wonder how proud your parents are. Class A bitch people like you are the reason people get depressed and kill themselves you psycho fucking where. Never watching the show again to disturbing. I would never want to go to a restaurant like that.

  • Retail Manager101

    Hopefully ther isn’t anyone else out there saying ” I told you how to change”. What kind of number did her family do to her? Yikes. With any luck she will watch the show and realize how crazy she sounds and “change” herself, but I doubt it because people rarely change.

  • Afecke

    Stassi really?!? First comment out of her mouth…”I went to an all girls private school in New Orleans”. Ummm, yeah. So did everyone else. That does not make you special. Everyone in New Orleans goes to Catholic School. But I guess if you are just a tramp waitress that would be your claim to fame.

  • Info

    As fake as we know Lisa is, can’t imagine why she’d put up with antics like Stassi’s. Lisa comes across as an abysmal manager, and her restaurant looks like a don’t bother to go there spot because of its complete lack of professionalism and skanky, bitchy, dysfunctional, drunken waitstaff.

    Also, if birds of a feather flock together, then Stassi’s best friend Pandie must be an unlikeable trainwreck.

  • Km1149

    How long is this show going to last with the likes of Stassi and this ??story line?? If that’s what you call it. I don’t see me watching this too much longer.

  • Norcoastgirl707

    Stassi seems mean…theres always someone meaner and badder though…shes a snob! Jax could find better..

  • Relafleur

    Well I think Lisa is very smart in business,but come on be real! This chimpmunk Stassi is a punk bitch who is going to get clocked soon. (well I hope she does) And the two boney maroni’s side kicks of hers are dogs. Are people really wanting to go there and enjoy a meal with Kumquats in their midst?

  • Truckerangel

    Jax grow a pair and dump that trash you call a girlfriend

  • Kimberly Hiett Cottrell

    I cannot stand Stassi. Very annoyng and way over acts and reacts. I would like to see less of her!!

  • drankrealitytvkoolaid

    Her parents should ask for a refund for her private school education because she is an ignorant little p.o.s. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy intelligence or a nice disposition. Jax needs therapy because he’s obviously seeking co-dependence and abuse. Mommy issues? Having two teenage daughters, I want to say thanks to Stassi for providing a non-example of how to conduct oneself like an adult woman.

  • Alexandrayodel

    stassi you’re a …

  • Animalchild

    Stassi, your parents must be so proud NOT. private school education down the loo…

  • guest_DS47

    Bad show, so sad to see the Vanderpumps go down this classless road. Two episodes too many for me. Bravo, you’re above this.

  • Lesley Hutton

    I love the show. Stassi drives me nuts though. I think she may be the most annoying person ever.

  • SaraJ

    She is the ugliest woman on the show, in both looks and certainly attitude. Lisa even said she only hired her because she was friends with someone who knew her. Lisa , please, give us all a break a fire this mess.

  • Laura

    She was also on a show called Queen Bees a few years back. The whole premise of the show was to put a bunch of mean girls in a house together so that they could change. The girl who improved the most got a prize…it wasn’t Stassi.

  • Tp1405

    Jax is a saint for putting up with this wench for 2 years.
    Kick her to the curb and move on. She ain’t all that.

  • Whit48

    I absolutely cannot stand Stassi !!! Yuck !!! take her off the show !!!! She makes me cringe !!! She is nasty and way to full of herself !!! Come on girl , you are a waitress at a lounge at 24 , nothing to be stuck up about !

  • shimbreeze

    Please, just don’t start making babies.

  • squekywheel

    this chelsea clinton look alike needs a reality check, seriously beotch you are a WAITRESS. lose the attitude, stop being a witch to your boyfriend ( with that attitude and face you choices will be limited). and she brags about a private school education? wow, 24 waitressing and on a stupid reality show preaching (in hollywood no less) about how she hates cheaters. how about its none of your business?

  • Blkcatgoddess

    Really who the hell told you, that you were god and beautiful. Guess what they were wrong and you are a total idiot for believing them. You are just a spoiled girl not a lady and you REALLY need to grow the f… up. Get a clue. You suck.

  • No88

    Stassi you are such a self righteous snob. You need to take a good long look at yourself. You are the one who needs to change. Get a grip you are a waitress and dilusional to think you are an awesome catch! Jax, dump her you deserve better.
    Lisa, fire her. Confronting Jax during service in front of customers, really! Inexcusable, completely unprofessional. Ugh I hate her!

  • Luvdogs24

    love the show, love stassi! Jax needs to grow up, but Stassi does need a slight reality check. I would hate Schaena as well.

  • rarebird

    I would have whipped her A$$ by the end of the shift. I may have been out of a job but the satisfaction would have been worth it.

  • stassisucks

    Okay this girl has serious problems. She is an evil human being that is a miserable person. I never wanted to be on Shaena’s side because of what she did was wrong, but everything Stassi does and says makes what Shaena has done look like nothing.

  • memo0

    Stassi was entertaining to watch the first episode, but it has gotten old quick. The mean girl act she has with Scheana will eventually back fire. My DISH co-worker first told me about Vanderpump Rules and overall I like the show and will continue to tune in. Unfortunately, this show airs on Monday nights; the same night my husband likes to watch his sports. Thankfully, we have a DISH Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR that lets us watch up to 4 different HD programs on different TVs at the same time; I like to watch this show in the bedroom while he watches in the den. It has ended the arguments about why it’s more important to watch my shows than his sports.

  • HfromSD

    Stassi seems mentally ill to me. Truly evil, frightening & I hope Jax runs for the hills. Hopefully this woman will never get pregnant – God help the poor child! She is as unpleasant a peson as I have evr seen!

  • Meghan_dean

    well i see valid points but lets not forget that young women who watch this show also see the side of her for not letting a man walk all over you. she sticks up for herself. not common in LA.

    • Meghan_dean

      also to add that you are all reacting exc how bravo wants. shes been type casted as th mean girl and you all fell for it. whos gonna tune in to watch what bitch stassi does on mon? all of u. i like th show for th bad tv reason why i watch th kardashians. still glad she stood up for herself constantly and am pos jax will b lost wo her. as awful as she is (bc im in no way defending her), one can learn not to let a man come and go as he pleases..

  • Dollgrl1

    Why do any of these woman think they are so fffn hot ? Hate to be the one to break it to you all but your not . And Stassi go home and shut up Swedish royalty my a$$. And as far as the big bucks you make in Beverly Hills guess you’ve never worked in a five star restaurant we were making that much a night on the East Coast years ago . You people are all in love with yourselves . Inflated egos and that’s about it ! Nothing more !

  • Dollgrl1

    Stassi you are so ugly . Inside and out . Really it’s ok for you to treat new girls like sh$t . It’s no wonder they cheat on you . Constantly being the MEAN girl is getting you nowhere . And really what does Jax see in a 23 yr old ? Just an ego boost for him

  • Sianu21

    Really wish Stassi was kicked off the show. She’s seriously a dumb b*tch and the show would be so much better if she werent in it.

  • Cooky513

    fat cheeks…has an eating disorder/survives on lettuce/veggie I assume she smells like an animal…bad nose…fat bottom lip…double chin in a LOT of angles from different camera shots…how on earth did she get modeling jobs lol. If she can…Lord knows who else can…maybe I should move to LA i’d be rich!!!! Oh ..and if you google this nobody-wanna be famous reality can see her as an contestant on Amazing Race..from a few years back….what is with the pale skin…fake black hair..which btw makes you look EVEN MORE pale…BAD SKIN…even fatter face..fat body….YEESHHHHhhh cinderrella story with makeup and getting your hair did….i wish her the best…of luck with the new 15 minutes of fame gig on Vanderpump Rules!

  • Dabby123

    love how she acts like a bitch for attention and control..sounds a bit typical..for an insecure loser, attention seeking freak. Stassi don’t you realize the more you bitch and complain the more of a loser vibe you create for yourself? Get therapy, talk to someone, get some prescription meds..start working out..and eating..and stop freaking out about pretty girls and grow some balls. You aren’t the only vagina on the planet and guess what ..the more you whine about the more of a loser you look..and you drive every male away with your insecurities….GO SEE SOMEONE..

  • Laramie

    Honestly Stassi is s dumb arrogant bitch but you people tearing down her looks aren’t much better.

  • Naunceling

    This Stassi creature is from an outlying area, NOT remotely from old New Orleans or a good Uptown family.

    They live in a tract house mini McMansion of horrendous taste.

  • Sar Rawr

    Is it just me or does it seem unbelievable that Stassi and her friend are actual models? In the shoot of this week’s episode, they looked nowhere on the level of the other girls at the shoot. The brown haired girl whose name I can’t recall even had greasy hair! I guess I can see why they were both so irate about the Asian model with whom the brown haired girl’s boyfriend had sex, given that she was about a million times hotter than both of them put together. Seriously, they look like below average CA girls, and definitely not models. It was ridiculous seeing the real models next to them…

    • disqus_U4gB7SgyAJ

      being famewhore wannabe californian actresses, they’re both obviously and probably not natives of CA. you can just tell with nonnatives, they don’t belong even as hard as they try.

  • Mquick

    Aren’t all of the girls on the show ‘famewhores?’ i thought that was the idea.



  • emily

    ….she sure isn’t very attractive at all. SO average.

  • Erika

    She was also on Queen Bees, nice to see that her progress paid off… :P

  • Nina

    Stassi needs to go! I’m no longer watching Vanderpump Rules because of how bitchy she is. It’s pretty disgusting to see a young woman act like a 5 year old towards her friends. I would knock the bitch out! I would love to watch her get fired! No more Vanderpump Rules! Or I should say no more Stassi!!!

  • Beachbitch

    She’s soooooooo not attractive.Plain Jane USA



  • Confit

    lol If I hear this starving stable-hand calling herself “princess” one more time, I’m going to have to remind her of her humble roots.

    No, you are not related to the Swedish royals. Yes, you are a small-town southern girl whose cattiness escalated in misguided self-defense. Yes, LMU is inconsequential. No, you have not “arrived.”

  • Superbama

    WHAT A HORRIBLE BITCH! I can’t with her.

  • perceptive

    Stassi is not as pretty as she thinks she is

  • Folk4fun

    Stassi is the meanest person on television. Jealousy is SOOO ugly and she loves to hurt others. I think she would use the knife and cut up some of the people she talks about. I suppose that Bravo watns to keep the ugly, mean, bad complexion, slut around because somewhere in TV land, she makes for “good TV.” Who would tip this horrible woman? I also do not think that the tips should be pooled because people like this horrific Stassi person would not know a day, or night’s work, if she walked into it. Even though she is friend’s with Lisa V’s daughter, she would be out on the street without a job in a second! Can you imagine trying to give her a recommendation?
    Example of a recommendation for her: Evil, wicked, mentally and emotionally unstable, self-centered, dramatic, ego-centric skilless person can turn your place of business on end, sleep with all the men and turn all of the women on each other. Who would want to hire her to do anything?

  • xandy

    can’t stand her. Conceited, despicable and repulsive.

  • Laura G

    This explains why she got pissed when Scheana complained about splitting her hard earned and deserved tips equally with the less deserving. Can you imagine Stassi waiting your table, rolling her eyes like you’re annoying her. Definitely not much tips left for her.

  • Rmmartininc

    I can’t believe Lisa dosn’t fire her . She never has a thing to do with her dauhgter/friend. She is the most toxic bitch out there. Only mission in life to make lives as bad as she is. Run Jax Run. Frank is made for it.

  • Still

    I was outside of SUR the other day and a group of about 6-7 people were walking by and one of the women mentioned that they would never give SUR service due to the vile pieces of trash that they employ there. I’m sure Lisa Vanderpump makes more money from her reality show over her restaurants but this is something to consider….it’s bad publicity having a C*nt like Stassi work there.

  • Still

    lol and I’m sure most of her classmates ARE NOT WAITRESSES.

  • Sproutscafe

    I can’t believe that your parents are proud of what a scank you are! You are the most self-centered little girl – you’re gonna need vaginal reguvination surgery at the ripe old age of 24yrs. I’m going to stop watching the show because you and Jax are moronic and you make me ill

  • Ingeneue8

    stassi is so ugly. she knows she is ugly. she’s mean and nasty because she knows she’s ugly and can never compete with a natural beauty. round head, no chin. no definition to her face. ugly. the chin implant she had as a senior in high school hasn’t helped. she is still ugly. have you noticed that scheanna also has a round, bland, ugly face and no chin either. stassi, you like ugly like chelsea clinton. ugly.

  • Ingenue8

    isn’t there something wrong with Jax and Frank to even date stassi? something has to be wrong with these two guys to date her in the first place. especially Jax… dating stassi for two years??… is it possible he is just living off of her like Frank says. Jax is 10 years older than her apparently. a 34 year old bartender, who is not really attractive and sometime model. pleeze. he’s not really handsome. his face is too long and too wide and has too much jaw. stassi’s face is too round, no definition and not enough jaw. the chin implant didn’t help you girl. you’re still ugly.

    girls who are naturally pretty don’t act like you. you act the way you do because of your insecurity and inferiority. btw, your mom is ugly too.

  • Ayarveda72

    Stassi, wake up! U are such a self righteous BITCH! Thinking your shit don’t stink! And you have no room to be thinking that. What makes you so damn special? You are slightly pretty, but your personality is dog ugly!

  • Jenny

    I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, the exploitation of desperate 20 somethings, that pads Lisa Vanderpumps pocketbook is shameful. Doesn’t she have enough? Yes, the 20 somethings are there on their own accord, however, this show will ruin some of these lives for good. Remember
    “Speidi”? Lisa should be ashamed. And if Stassi is good friends with Lisa’s daughter, then that tells us volumes about the lack of character her daughter and Lisa, possess.

  • Lisa Green

    I fucking hate Stassi Schroeder…she is the most evil, vile d bag (yes, a female douche bag…who know women could be one) I have seen on television in a LONG time. I hate her so much I stop watching the show also. Lisa drop this female degenerate…she is hurting your ratings and your restaurant, and overall your pocket book.

  • Kortni S.

    Stassi is a disgusting human being. every bad thing she says about someone or DOING to someone needs to be done to her times ten. What a sad little bitch.

  • whome

    Stassi is an absolute bitch and any guy would be really stupid to end up with her.

  • Guitargirl92

    shes not a ‘queen bee’. shes not mean. shes simply mentally ill. like clinically. i assume everyone puts up with it on the show for sake of good reality tv drama, but there’s no way this girl functions in real life. coming from an alpha since the day i was born, us naturally popular girls would destroy this pathetic wannabee.

    advice for stassi: being irrational, unpleasant crazy, whiny, crybaby and completely fucking delusionaly (just made up a word) evil retard does not make you a queen bee. it makes you clinically insane. just go back to being your wierd goth self, hopefully some personality will emerge and then maybe you’ll finally be happy.

    right now though, your a joke

  • Jessica E

    Ha, ha..I´m from Sweden and there is no princess of ours ever that have an unknown descendants in the US…..Dream on Stassi!

  • starcrow54 .

    The big C word fits this witch perfectly:)

  • Slappy

    Stassi= disgusting, spoiled brat, ugly both inside and out, delusional, perfect for the biggest douche in the world aka jax, cruel horrible person, not intelligent,

  • Lizzieloulist

    I can’t believe this idiot is still around! I’ve never seen such an entitled, spoiled rotten, stick-up-her-ass bitch. Wow. Watching her is truly amazing — just to laugh at her for who she thinks she is. Sicko, for sure. Someone oughta shake the mother who convinced this bimbo she’s something special.

  • Jack

    Bunch of girls who never mentally left highschool. And geez that Kristen is ugly…

  • Cameron

    Kristen, Katie and Stassie, they’re all plain…where did these girls get the idea they were attractive? Can’t seem to keep their boyfriends either…

  • Just saying

    Stassi and Jax deserve each other! They seem to be soulless, miserable who want anyone and everyone they come in contact with to be also. I’m not a fan of Kristen, but if Stassi had slapped me, we’d still be rolling around on the floor. She thinks she’s the Queen of the Universe and the sad thing is that it seems the rest of that group thinks so also. Never have I seen a group of people kiss someone’s behind like these jackasses. When she said that she was going to ruin Kristen by making everyone ignore her and that Jax was lucky she didn’t do the same with him, I was enraged. Exactly who the f*** does she think she is. She thinks she’s gorgeous, which is laughable. She constantly calls others whore, when it wasn’t a week after she broke up with Jax that she was spread eagle in Frank’s bed….really?

  • Babs

    Frankly, Lisa could do a lot better. Stassi is just another blonde bimbo with a very high opinion of her self thinking that she could turn everyone to hate someone she doesn’t like. Really! The only good looking guy is Peter and he seems to have his head on somewhat straight. Kristen, the more I look at her the more homely she is, poor Tom, but he is no prize, once a cheat always a cheat, no wonder he was friends with Jax. I am so over this show and my biggest questiion is how much money are these guys making? Stassi, a real Birken? Or because of TV, does it just look real and get over its my party and I will make everyone miserable if I want. And when it comes to sleeping around, had a fling with Peter too? Seems like none of them care where they can put it as long as they don’t get caught. But get over yourself Stassi, you are not that unique! Kristen stop friggin crying all the time, oh and stop drinking you make a lousy drunk. And Lisa, fire the entire crew and start over!

  • Mallory

    Who has she modeled for? She needs to get a life, she is clearly pregnant!

  • A Real Housewife

    I think Stassi is just a jealous bitch!!! Misery loves company and bu the way she runs EVERYONE down…she must be one miserable person!!!