X Factor 2012 Predictions

Meet The Top 16 Contestants!

X Factor 2012 Predictions

Now that the Giants have won the World Series, it’s time to get back to focusing on who will win this season’s X Factor crown. Will it be the young 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar? Or father of two Tate Stevens? The contestants have been working closely with respective mentors on what might be the most important performance of their life! So make sure to tune into FOX on Thursday, November 1 to watch the Top 16 perform in the first LIVE show! Until then, here’s a quick rundown of the contestants and how we think they’ll fair during this X Factor season.

Meet the teams (Team members are ranked in order from best to worst):

Team Britney (Teens)
Advantages: Her contestants are young, adorable and cute as kittens. And just like a fluffy teddy bear you can’t help but want to squeeze ‘em.
Disadvantages: Teens are hormonally non-sound to begin with. Add pressure and the chance to win 5-million dollars and we’re bound to see some tears.
Prediction: Britney will have more team members in the Top 10 than any other judge.

Carly Rose Sonenclar (Team Captain)

Sounds like: “A little diva,” according to B. Spears
Secret Weapon: Her innocence and humbleness.
Prediction: Winner. Let’s crown her now.

Diamond White

Sounds like: A young Whitney Houston
Secret Weapon: Her awesome porn star name.
Prediction: She’s at the top and the only one that can go head to head with Carly.

Arin Ray

Sounds like: Cross between Usher and Lil Bow Wow
Secret Weapon:
Experience. He was on last season’s X Factor as a member of a group.
Prediction: Maybe Top 10

Beatrice Miller

Sounds like: Fiona Apple as a toddler.
Secret Weapon: She’s the dark horse.
Prediction: Middle of the pack.

Team Demi (Young Adults)

Advantages: Demi seems like fun and is much more approachable than any of the other judges. The Young Adults can also relate to her crazy style and attention-seeking ways.
Disadvantages: Although she’s a sharper tool than her Ms. Spears, her criticism can be vague and bland. Like so, “That was totally cool you guys.”
Prediction: Her team will beat L.A. Reid’s team but not Britney’s. It’ll be a head to head competition with Simon’s Groups.

Willie Jones (Team Captain)

Sounds Like: Your dad’s funny impression of a country singer but actually decent.
Secret Weapon: His charisma and Fresh Prince of Bel Air-esque style.
Prediction: One of the few men to make Top Ten.

CeCe Frey

Sounds like: An inexperienced Katie Perry
Secret Weapon: Sass and determination
Prediction: Now worried about America not liking her, she has a lot to prove. However, as long as the producers play nice (and stop trying to turn her into a villain) she’ll be just fine.

Paige Thomas

Sounds like: Rihanna
Secret Weapon: Her ability to use emotion in performance.
Prediction: She’ll cry every episode.

Jennel Garcia

Sounds like: A sexier, raspier CeCe Frey.
Secret Weapon: She’s an underdog.
Prediction: She’ll surprise everyone and make it further than we think.

Team L.A. (Over25s)

Advantages: They have more life experience than most other contestants.
Disadvantages: They’re just not as marketable as those super cute Teens.
Prediction: This team might be the first to vanish.

Jason Brock (Team Captain)

Sounds like: A sassier Elton John
Secret Weapon: Confidence
Prediction: It won’t matter how he does on the show because gay bars across the country will snatch him up for booking ASAP.

Tate Stevens

Sounds like: A professional country singer
Secret Weapon: He’s a good ole’ boy and very likable.
Prediction: He’ll do what’s expected of him and return home as a proud papa.

Vino Alan

Sounds like: A less whiney Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam
Secret Weapon: He looks tough.
Prediction: He won’t smile one time while on the show.

David Correy

Sounds like: A professional Friday night karaoke singer
Secret Weapon: He has no self-awareness.
Prediction: He’ll be one of the first to go home.

Team Simon (Groups)

Advantages: Having the mentor that created the show and won last season. Wink. Wink.
Disadvantages: Most of these groups came into the competition as solo artist and so are adjusting to sharing the stage with others.
Prediction: One of these groups will make it big time, regardless of their placement in the show.

Lyric 145 (Team Captain)

Sounds like: Nothing we’ve ever heard before.
Secret Weapon: Lyric Da Queen
Prediction: As a group, they’ll go the distance.


Sounds like: Sublime
Secret Weapon: They’re beach boys.
Prediction: They’ll be a hit in their hometown.


Sounds like: Pussy Cat Dolls, but much better and without the slutty attire.
Secret Weapon: They’re cute and adorable.
Prediction: Could be the new One Direction.

Sister C

Sounds like: Modern day Wilson Phillips
Secret Weapon: They have been performing together for years.
Prediction: For reasons unknown, they’ll be voted out before they’re time (and right after David Correy).

Who are your favorite X Factor contestants? And how do you think the mentors will impact the performances?


  • gma

    CeCe Frey is a cousin to a friend of mine and only lives a few miles from me. She is nothing like what they are portraying her. They have even made me not care for her and I know the truth.

    • Jana W.

      Agreed GMA. As auditions carried on it became obvious the producers were using every opportunity to make her a villain. I’m curious to see what happens from this point forward. I hope she can stay strong and break through the stereotypes because she is talented.

    • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

      Glad to hear it, but what I heard her say and her attitude was from her mouth. She has an amazing voice and has shown emotion and sincerety recently. Glad to see it. She really seemed to react possitively to Denni’s comments. Hard truth but seemed to not brush off.

    • donnawjhs2003@yahoo.com

      S-o-o- sad..this kind of show doesn’t always bring out the best..apparently so for CeCe..donna

  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    I know only one winner but I am still hoping several people get something out of this professionally because I believe they are talented enough but due to age or genre may not e THE X-FACTOR.

    Thanks for an interesting and entertaining article.
    Loved the Best Porn Star name comment and you are right Paige will cry every episode. I love her and hope she does well.

    Am really interested to see if the mentoring helps technically and not just fashion and brand styling



  • Donnawjhs2003

    Love Carlie..feel she has showed the maturity and certainly the talent hands down..the American public I don’t have confidence in..Tate could take it “home” but I would love Carlie to take the prize ..