X Factor Auditions Are Over!

Find out who made the cut. Boot camp starts next week!

X Factor Auditions Are Over!

Auditions are over and 125 talented performers from all over America are fighting for their chance to win five million buckaroos and a record contract with the world’s biggest talent agency. On Thursday night’s X Factor audition 13-year-old Trevor Maron from Temecula, CA took to the stage after needing EMT’s attention for an hour (his story was the big cliff-hanger from Wednesday night’s two-hour episode). Apparently, all his running around during the day trying to get camera attention left him dehydrated and passed out cold in his mother’s arms. The emergency was nothing a little IV fluids and Gatorade couldn’t rid and soon enough he took to the stage and his chance to perform in from of Simon.  His song choice? LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy And I Know It,” a tune maybe not age appropriate for the youngster but stiff funny to watch. Upon seeing his performance, I starred at the TV confused. It was hard to tell if his awkward impromptu dancing and savvy vocals were good or bad, but his confidence certainly made the act entertaining. The judges must have agreed because all four of them nodded yes and sent him packing to the next step, boot camp.

The other show stopper from tonight’s episode was 40-year-old Freddie Combs. The 540-pound man needed six crew members to push his double-wide wheelchair onto the stage, which is an improvement for his 940-pound status just three years ago when he couldn’t even get himself out of bed. Respectfully Freddie dedicated Bette Midler’s “The Wing Beneath My Wings” to his wife of 16-years after pushed him on stage. Surprised by his ‘heavenly’ voice, Simon made a deal with Freddie. In exchange for his support, he asked the minister from Greeneville, TN to get healthy enough to stand at his next audition. Feeling obliged, the wheelchair-bound man promised to try and then found himself in the select group of X Factor contestants that make it to boot camp.

Do you think Freddie has what it takes to make it to the X Factor Top 10?

What’s going to happen at Boot Camp next week? I’m not sure. The producers of the show haven’t disclosed the ways they intend to widdle down the group from 125 to a respectable amount to follow on TV but one thing is for sure. The judges rounded up some impressive talent and I’m all in to see where the show goes for the rest of the season.

Are you all in? What kind of boot camp do you expect next week? Stay tuned to next week’s show on FOX, Wednesday, October, 3 and Thursday, October 4 to find out! 


  • Celayha Cameron

    I thought that Freddie Combs had a nice voice and I’m glad that the judges didn’t decide to not let him through because of his appearance. I think it’s also great that the judges were so supportive of him. This is just one of the many reasons why I watch the X Factor and I’ve been recording every episode on my Hopper. It’s amazing that Combs has lost so much weight and still being significantly overweight he had a strong voice with a nice sound. My DISH co-workers were equally impressed although there is some disagreement on how far he will make it on the show. I don’t think that we need to make any assumptions about his success and instead let him just do what he can. I hope that Freddie took the initiative and followed Simon’s advice to get himself healthy.