X Factor Boot Camp is Now in Session

Find out who survived and who was sent home crying!

X Factor Boot Camp is Now in Session

The first round of auditions is over! And those that received the golden ticket (or at least three yeses from the judges panel during their hometown tryouts) were sent to Miami, Florida for a whirlwind of instruction and mentoring, aka Boot Camp. According to Demi Lovato, the contestants were paired up and put up in nice hotels to showcase the possibility of what could be (or on other words to get a taste of the good life). In reality, the contestants were probably put up in the fancy hotel because the producers copped a deal in exchange for free advertising. Regardless, the kids had fun filming the Miami promos and then were slayed in auditions the following night.

CeCe Frey - love or hate her?

The Boot Camp X Factor stage was packed full of familiar singers on Wednesday night, exactly 120 contestants said Simon Cowell. One by one, the contestants each had a turn to sing a song on stage in front of their peers. It was a time for them all to check out the competition, starting with 13-year-old favorite Diamond White. Other favorites such as Carly Rose Sonenclar, Jennel Garcia and Vino Alan sailed through to the next phase while other hopefuls like Jessica Espinoza, Johnny Maxwell and Trevor Moran were sent home for forgetting lyrics or being overcome with nervousness. Country singer Willie Jones from Shreveport, Lousiana (who looks like Christopher “Kid” Reid from Kid N’Play) left the judges with mixed feelings, impressing Simon and annoying Britney. “I just don’t like him,” the fellow Lousiana pop star stated. By the end of the show a song battle took center stage. The Rihanna look alike Paige Thomas sung Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” only to be followed by bratty CeCe Frey and her version of the same song. “One of the two of you nailed it,” announced Simon, leaving Paige biting her nails and one cheetah-faced CeCe smiling confidently as ever. Eventually both girls were passed through to the next round although I think CeCe out-performed Paige (and it pains me to say this because CeCe kind of sucks at life).

"Baby, I was born this way."

After each contestant had the opportunity to perform and were critiqued by the judges, the 120 contestants were split into three groups. Group B was the unfortunate sap suckers who were sent home while Group A and Group C united in victory. Next up, the contestants visit the judges houses and sing for their lives. Only 24 people will make it to the finals, which means there still is lots of crying to come (both from happiness and sadness). So tune in to Thursday’s episode on Fox at 8pm to see it all go down.

PS. Did anyone catch Simon’s hairy chest shot? What the heck? Save that mess for Carmen Electra already.




  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    I thought CeCe was better also and that she is braty her asthetic is not appealing to me either. Paige was also really good, her range was great but how she pronounce some of the words was off. She also seemed to rush it a bit. I hope she gets som good coaching and can pull ahead of Ce Ce.

    Diamond White & Willie were the only of my previous favorites that were featured.

    Nice article.