X Factor Promo Shows A Bad Britney

Is the pop princess a female Simon now?

X Factor Promo Shows A Bad Britney

Remember that classic, timeless lyric, “It’s Britney, bitch?” If the current ad campaign for The X Factor is any indication, the woman once known as America’s teen sweetheart may be turning into a bitch on a fulltime basis.

No one really expected that Britney Spears was going on The X Factor to be the heavy. Even if her music has gotten more aggressive and adult, she’s never been known for getting in anyone’s face. And besides, the show already has Simon Cowell to serve as a natural bad guy. What then to make of the new commercial Fox is running, which gives us a tantalizing first look at Britney’s work in the audition round?

In quick succession, she can be heard telling someone their song is “bad to the bone,” sarcastically saying “you can’t destroy that song, sweetie,” and coming down hard with the judgment “you definitely don’t have the X factor.” Ouch! In about five seconds, she gives us more negativity than we’ve heard from Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler in two full seasons of American Idol.

So how believable is Bad Britney? Cowell is proven to be expert at creating hype, and the idea of Britney as not just a loose cannon, but someone who will give audiences the acid they have been missing on Idol, could be irresistible bait for viewers, a way to differentiate The X Factor from the growing number of similar shows. Our best guess is still that Britney is going to be more nice than naughty, but Fox has given us something to think about.

What are your expectations for Britney Spears on The X Factor?


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Granata/1557011202 Joseph Granata

    I went to the San Francisco Auditions and I will tell you Britney barely spoke and when she did it was like one word comments.

  • Notta Customer

    she’ll be as dull as she usually is… bitch doesn’t mean what it used to

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