Britney Spears Walks Off X Factor Set

Let the drama begin!

Britney Spears Walks Off X Factor Set

Britney Spears’ new seat as an X Factor judge is barely warm and there’s already drama. Thatta girl, Brit.

According to TMZ, Britney got upset and walked off the set Thursday afternoon after a contestant apparently “butchered” her song “Hold it Against Me.” People in the audience (X Factor auditions people in front of an audience) said Britney did not return to her seat and four people auditioned for just Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato.

Britney is denying the news that she walked off the set because she was upset. “LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time!!!” she tweeted. She later sent out this picture on Twitter as well, giving fans a first look at her and Demi on the X Factor judges’ table:

The 30-year-old pop princess recently joined the X Factor along with fellow former Disney star Demi Lovato. The show is currently filming the audition rounds and premieres in the fall.

Do you think Britney is destined for a meltdown on the show?


  • Burg Girl69

    Heck…Paula Abdul did the same thing, gagging and such because that guy danced around with his pants around his ankles. TMZ is making too much out of this, IMO.

  • Chelsia Hart

    Oh come on! I’m sure this was nothing, and TMZ is blowing it up! I’m rooting for Brit!

    • Branden B

      You can be sure Fox will play up the drama when the episode airs though!

  • DianaWatt

    I had friends in the audience and they saw no drama. They said it was a super fun experience and that there was a lot of good talent that went through

    • Branden B

      She probably just had to pee and TMZ went batshit.

      • Chelsia Hart

        I agree!