Captured: Britney Spears

It's not a mug shot but it still ain't pretty!

Captured: Britney Spears

Britney. Britney. Britney. Once again, there’s just so much wrong with this picture. While you’re not making a funny face this time, I have to ask if you even knew you were being filmed today? Why the Ed Hardy-esque tattoo shirt? And why the green hair? The over-sized glasses? Totally understandable considering the shoot was outside. But did you just roll out of bed for the shoot?

This picture was captured during the judges “at home” visits.  With her arms appearing to be tied behind her back this picture could have also been taken minutes before taking a seat in the back of a cop car? What do you think? Is she TV ready or having an off day?


  • Silkendrum

    It’s nasty snarky articles like this that cause emotional problems. Why can’t you allow people to be human?

  • Adam Alamillo

    Why must we pick apart people and judge them down to the fine details of what’s on their shirts. Let her live her life without being ridiculed for once.

  • Bkid

    Have you ever taken a picture of someone mid-sentence? That’s kind of how it turns out. Also, have you ever written a legitimate article on..anything? It doesn’t sound like it.