Captured: Britney Spears

It's not a mug shot but it ain't pretty!

Captured: Britney Spears

Staying true to form, Britney made some funny faces this week while mentoring for FOX’s hit show X Factor. My favorite came towards the end of Thursday night’s episode when she appeared to channel Ramona from Real Housewives of New York.

Help me caption Britney’s photo. What do you think she’s thinking? Here’s a few options to get the creative juices flowing.

A. “Um… I’m not even allowed to be alone with my own children.” – Britney on being assigned the young impressionable Teen category
B. “Who said I’m no longer relatable?” – Britney on why she copied Demi and recently added a green streak in her hair
C. “Who’s Ramona?” – Britney on reading this blog
D. Post your own clever comment below!


  • Charlie Toft

    “Wait: THAT’S what I sound like without Autotune?”