Demi Lovato vs. Simon Cowell

Who finds who more annoying?

Demi Lovato vs. Simon Cowell

So far on X Factor the interaction between the judges Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato has been fun and friendly. In fact Simon often treats Demi like the daughter he’ll never have. When one contestant made Demi blush during the very first auditions, Simon seized the opportunity to do what fathers do best–he embarrassed the 20-year-old by calling her out for flirting. “No Demi,” he said, using his hands to create an invisible barrier between her and the hopeful singer. “There are boundaries.”

Other exchanges have included her telling him he needs to eat more breath mints. And Simon shoving cake onto Demi’s face. But the gloves really came off during the filming of today’s Conan O’Brien show. Demi teased Simon for wearing shirts that show more cleavage than her or Britney. Not one to be humiliated, Simon fired back by calling the pop singer annoying. Who do you think won this battle of the wits?


  • Vanessamatthews8

    I think demi won LOL!!!!
    Gotta love demi