Disney courting Rachel Crow

Disney courting Rachel Crow

She may have been ousted from The X Factor last week, but 13-year-old singer Rachel Crow’s career is far from over.

Disney has already contacted the teen for a possible deal. A Disney representative confirmed it by telling TMZ, “Now that she has been eliminated off XFactor, a general meeting is planned with her and Disney Channel executives soon.”

TMZ says the executives plan to go through a list of possibilities for Rachel, including TV, movies and radio.

Rachel’s X Factor elimination was the latest in a number of shocking eliminations. And again, judge Nicole Scherzinger is under fire for helping contribute to the elimination. Sounds to me like Rachel should be thanking Nicole. A deal with Disney sounds better than a risky record deal that will probably end in the label dropping the winner within a year’s time.

A rumor that Rachel has also been contacted by Nickelodean is also starting to circulate.