X Factor Boot Camp: Task 2

It's a sing-off where contestants must battle for position!

X Factor Boot Camp: Task 2

Now that sixty contestants are within reach of the 5-million dollar recording contract, shit just got real on the X Factor stage tonight. For Boot Camp Task 2 contestants were paired up with other like contestants and asked to sing the same song in front of the judges. As a pair, the duo were able to choose their song from a list and decide what parts of the song to sing. Still, the task proved to be too overwhelming for some. Over half of the contestants sadly forgot their song lyrics and broke down crying on stage, including hopefuls Willie Jones, Freddie Combs, Latasha Robinson and Jessie Bryant. The judges were just as disappointed with the performances as the performers. Even Britney Spears joined in on the crying game when 15-year-old Jordan Shane flailed, forgot her song and then shamefully and teary-eyed, slowly exited the stage…

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Just as there were poor performances there were many match-ups that were well executed. Some of the most memorable match ups from the night include:

Tara Simon (27) vs. Jannel Garcia (18) – This duet chose the song “Landslide” written by Stevie Nicks, or maybe I should clarify and say Tara chose the song because she clearly was in her element while Jannel just stood there, looking lost and confused. Tara’s screaming and over-singing, however, made her look like a big dummy since she has titled herself a vocal coach. Maybe she meant to say she was taking vocal lessons? Regardless, Simon didn’t get it. “It’s like Tara clipped Jannel’s wings or something,” said a smirking Mr. Cowell.

Carly Rose Sonenclar (13) vs. Beatrice Miller (13)- The girls chose “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People as their battle song and both did a great job in execution. Although as soon as cute lil’ Carly Rose began singing the second part of the song it was like Beatrice was no longer on stage. Sorry Beatrice, you’re still cute and only 13. Demi Lovato was worried that Carly is still so young. But last time I checked there was a 13-year-old boy who started selling out arenas and he seems to now be enjoying his success and world-wide fame as a bazillionaire. His name is Justin Bieber. So there’s that.

"I tattoo my face and punch walls." - Vino Alan

Vino Alan (36) vs. David Correy (26)- These two clowns know how to define the word awkward. Upon taking the stage David offended the judges by telling them that they are the only four road blocks to his success. When in reality, the boy just can’t sing that well. Maybe he can belt it out in his car or shower but then again so can I. He’s certainly not stage ready. And clearly either is his sing-off partner Vino Alan. Once finishing the song “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye, Vino took his black, thief cap off and threw it off stage in a rage of anger. The strange part was that Simon liked his performance and didn’t catch the err. But Vino didn’t care. He stormed outside and started punching the concrete wall until he nearly had bloody knuckles. And I thought having a fully covered tattooed head made him scary. Silly me.

Diamond White (13) vs. Dinah Jane Hansen (16)- Both singers blew the roof off the house when they sung “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. Once off stage Dinah claimed to have made a mistake but I don’t think anyone else caught it. Diamond sparkled in all her kid glory with a cutesy ending pose and even praised her competition by saying, “Maybe they’ll take both of us!” You heard it here first–she’s going the distance. See ya at the top Diamond.

Diamond White is a Top 10 contender, fo sho.

Arin Ray (16) vs. Normani Hamilton (16)- Is it possible that X Factor could facilitate a love relationship? I didn’t think so now that Paula Abdul is no longer a judge and thus no longer preying on young contestants, but maybe I was wrong. Arin and Normani both admitted to having a crush on one another and stole my heart when they sung “Beautiful” by Bruno Mars as if they were singing to each other. And here’s a fun fact: Arin was already on X Factor and in the Top 12 during Season 1 as a member of the band Intensity. He had come to auditions as a single performer and then was placed together in a group with twelve other kids. So kudos to him for coming back for a second go. I’ll root for Team Arin. I’ll also root for this inevitable love story (please let them both make the cut).

Could it be love?

CeCe Frey (20) vs. Paige Thomas (21) – Just last night (Wednesday) Cece and Paige duetted against each other to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” by coincidence. Tonight they were forced together and took a stab at “Secrets” by One Republic, a song CeCe chose and Paige relented to go along with. As if the spotlight competition isn’t enough, these two girls are also roommates back in the hotel. Way to stir up the pot producers! Especially since neither seems to like the other. At the end of the day, neither performed that well (considering the big build up) but they both looked scared and tired as hell. The judges are also unclear about who they prefer. Simon and Britney clearly has the hots for Paige and Demi and LA seem to prefer the cheetah-painted CeCe. When asked why each wants to win X Factor by Simon, Paige answered, “I don’t fit in anywhere else but the spotlight” while CeCe said “I want to succeed as much as I want to breathe.” Guess we’ll have to wait an see what happens next week at the judge’s houses…

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And finally, before signing off tonight I think a discussion about the judges wardrobe is needed. Did anyone else think Demi Lovato was trying to pull off Aunt Jemima chic tonight? Either the bandana or the denim jacket would have been acceptable but all accessories together plus dangerous spikes on the jacket’s shoulders? Good lord. I hope no one hugged her in excitement. And as for Britney… poor, poor Britney. It appears she forgot to take off the collar her boyfriend/manager keeps on her when not performing. Or perhaps she flashed back to the early 90′s when the 4-Non blondes took to the Spring Break MTV stage. Either way, it seemed a little uncomfortable. But then again, she always seems uncomfortable. At least Simon kept his hairy chest hidden this episode, right?

Demi's tribute to a very hip Aunt Jemima.

What was your favorite bit of tonight’s show? And don’t forget to tune into FOX next Wednesday and Thursday to meet the final 24 contestants.