X Factor’s First Live Show

The Top 16 Performers Sing For Their Lives

X Factor’s First Live Show

Since the Giants won the The World Series sooner rather than later, X Factor decided to ahead and change their schedule one more time and bumped up the first LIVE performance from Thursday, November 1 to Wednesday, October 31. Happy Halloween! Think of it as a trick or a treat, but the two hour live show was jam-packed with sixteen performances, including commentary from the new hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez and judgements by the X Factor judges, L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lavato and Simon Cowell. Considering the amount of things that could have go wrong during a LIVE show, the performances went off unhinged. Watching the X Factor last night was like watching a a 2-hour music award show of performances; it was ‘amazing.’ Simon Cowell should be a very happy man this morning.

So where to start? There’s just so much to report on. How about we begin with the new X Factor hosts? Khloe Kardashian looked stunning last night. “It’s very distracting,” commented a blushing Simon Cowell. With rumors of Khloe and Lamar Odom on the outs, is it possible a showmance between Khloe and Simon is on the horizon? It’s a long shot. But I have a feeling they’ll continue to do some heavy flirting as the show continues. As for Mario Lopez, does anyone else feel the need to stick something in those dimples? A pencil? A piece of candy? Anything? I feel like Mario looks the same no matter if he’s on E! or Xtra or Dancing With the Stars and his appearance on X Factor is no different. His face has been frozen in time ever since the days of Saved By the Bell. Together, Khloe and Mario did a good job moving the show along and keeping it on time. I specifically love that Khloe took the time to get to the bottom of some questions, like who Demi liked best out of the group 1432 and what song Simon would have chosen for Willie Jones. It’s always enjoyable to see Simon squirm in his seat.

Now on to the judges. Poor L.A. Reid. He became so obsessed with trying to retaliate against Simon for the comments he made about the lackluster Over25 performances, at times he came across as desperate and needy. Like his comment to the rappers of Lyric 145, “It sounded like someone dumped you into a washer and dumped bleach all over you,” which wasn’t funny. And not really criticism. The comment was just confusing and unnecessary. Then right after Jason Brock’s glittery explosion performance–that Simon called “utterly horrendous–L.A. straight up took his frustration out on the girls of 1432 by saying “Your mentor really failed you.” When in fact most everyone seemed to enjoy the performance.

And then there was Britney, who like a beat-up Teddy Ruxpin, spit out the same criticism for every performer like she was giving a pageant girl speech. “I love it. It was great. You’re amazing.” Also did anyone else notice how she shakes her head up and down rigorously right before and after talking into the mic? Maybe it’s a weird tic. But to me, she just seems so uncomfortable and out of place at the judges table.

Sporting a new hair color and cut, Demi Lavato brought some personality to the table, and by having a personality I mean at least she didn’t say “amazing” every five minutes and is capable of making her own decisions. My favorite Demi moment was when she admitted to not being able to look Emblem3 in the face. “You boys make me swoon,” said  the 20-year-old, clearly crushing on the bro band. Out of all the judges, I think she did the best in styling and creating a “look” for each of her team members. It was smart of her to shave Paige Thomas’ head so she didn’t look like Rihanna anymore, and also smart to give CeCe Frey a whole new look, hoping people will give her a fresh start.

Simon brought his A Game to the show, stealing the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. While he spared America by not wearing his signature V neck white t-shirt, he did dress up Emblem 3, who had the girls in the audience screaming in excitement. He also brought the most entertaining performances, like group Lyric 145′s take on the song “Boom Shake the Room” by Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff with a quick allude to “Gangnum Style.” If you DVR’d the performance, go back and check out Britney’s face when watching the switch-up, she’s awe-stricken and jaw-dropping. It’s quite funny.

The theme of Wednesday night’s X Factor performances was ‘Made in America.’  And overall, I thought all of the contestant performances were solid. Unlike The Voice that just sticks its singers in a boxing ring, X Factor definitely takes the time to give their performers a high production budget, which gives opportunity to those who seek pop stardom fame. In the case the theatrics are not needed, like in Tate Stevens’ country song, the producers also know when to pull it back which keeps the show from looking too overdone. Mario Lopez made the announcement during the show that the public does not vote in this round, which clearly means the judges, er, I mean, Simon, gets to pick who gets to go home on tonight’s live show when the numbers dwindle down from 16 to 12. That’s right four acts are going home tonight and before I make my predictions, let’s quickly give a report card on all the performances.

Paige Thomas

Team: Demi Lavato/ Young Adults
Song Choice: “What is Love?” by Haddaway
The Good: Rihanna, er, Paige didn’t cry this episode, not even when Demi said she wanted to shave her head.
The Bad: With that metallic pointy cap, she kind of looked like a porcupine. The song choice also didn’t suit her. There was not much singing, just a lot of “whoa whoa whoaaaa’s.”
The Criticism: You look like a star. Feels like a star. But I’m sure about that song choice. — L.A. Reid

Arin Ray

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice: “You Keep Me Hanging On” by The Supremes
The Good: He’s a cute little thing and seems to be natural at being on stage.
The Bad: The smoke and air sound effects on stage overpowered his performances. Instead of hearing his song, we heard air blowing each five seconds.
The Criticism: You have swag. — Simon Cowell

David Correy

Team: L.A. Reid/ Over 25s
Song Choice: “My Love is Your Love” by Whitney Houston
The Good: His performance was much better than I anticipated. He sounded good, involved the crowd and held his own.
The Bad: I still don’t care for him.
The Criticism: The perfromance was manic… like you were begging the audience to love you. — Simon Cowell

Sister C

Team: Simon Cowell/ Groups
Song Choice: “Hell on Heels” by Pistol Annies
The Good: They had a really cool stage set up that involved a lot of hanging light bulbs.
The Bad: Simon thinks people don’t like them enough. Since these girls don’t have any tragic back story, the question becomes: Will America vote for a team that appears well off?
The Criticism: You guys seemed stiff. — Demi Lavato

Jennel Garcia

Team: Demi Lavato/ Young Adults
Song Choice: “Home Sweet Home” by Motley Crue
The Good: Her ‘Lavato makeover’ made her appear oder and more sophisticated.
The Bad: How can anyone be taking seriously with too much wind blowing in his/her face?
The Criticism: That was a 10! — L.A. Reid

Diamond White

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train
The Good: She can sing anything.
The Bad: On stage she seemed unsure of what to do.
The Criticism: Have more fun. — Demi Lavato

Vino Alan

Team: L.A. Reid/ Over 25s
Song Choice: “Gotta Be Somebody” by Nickelback
The Good: Vino used a very cool chain link mic stand.
The Bad: L.A. Reid gave him a Nickelback song, ick.
The Criticism: You were really good. I feel your effort, but I have to say I was a little bored. — Britney Spears

Lyric 145

Team: Simon Cowell/ Groups
Song Choice: “Boom Shake the Room” by Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff & “Gangnam Style” by Psy
The Good: Not since the early 90′s has Hip Hop been so fun to watch.
The Bad: With the eye patch, Lyric seems to be bitting they style Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from TLC. The two other dudes seemed to have put on all the clothes in wardrobe.
The Criticism: I was genuinely entertained. — Britney Spears

CeCe Frey

Team: Demi Lavato/ Young Adults
Song Choice: “Because the Night” by Patti Smith
The Good: CeCe looked cool. I wanted to go put on neon yellow eyeliner immediately.
The Bad: Her voice was lost in the performance.
The Criticism: You are a pop star but you can do so much better vocally. — Demi Lavato

Tate Stevens

Team: L.A. Reid/ Over 25s
Song Choice: “Tough” by Craig Morgan
The Good: Tate sounds like a professional country singer.
The Bad: Not sure if X Factor will crown a country singer as King.
The Criticism: You’re a keeper. — Simon Cowell

Beatrice Miller

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice:  ”I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz
The Good: Beatrice had a star moment when she stood up to belt the lyrics.
The Bad: A crimper ate her hair. She also was forced to sing in front of a larger, awkward picture of her singing.
The Criticism: I’m impressed. — Demi Lavato

Jason Brock

Team: L.A. Reid/ Over 25s
Song Choice: “Dance Again” by Jennifer Lopez
The Good: He finally received the glitter explosion performance he’s always dreamed of.
The Bad: It was a glitter explosion performance.
The Criticism: That was utterly horrendous. Everything about it was wrong. — Simon Cowell

LYLAS which is now 1432 (thanks to legal reasons)

Team: Simon Cowell/ Groups
Song Choice: “Red” by Taylor Swift
The Good: America needs a girl group.
The Bad: They still need a little ore practice performing together.
The Criticism: Your mentor really failed you. — L.A. Reid

Willie Jones

Team: Demi Lavato/ Young Adults
Song Choice: “Here For the Party” by Gretchen Wilson
The Good: He is interesting to watch.
The Bad: No one can watch him via radio.
The Criticism: I was definitely entertained. It was amazing. — Britney Spears

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice: “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida
The Good: Hands down Carly Rose is the best singer on the show.
The Bad: Not sure if her mentor knows what to do with her.
The Criticism: It would be criminal for you to leave the show. — Simon Cowell


Team: Simon Cowell/ Groups
Song Choice: “One Day” by Matisyahu
The Good: The boys are adorable and comfortable in the limelight.
The Bad: Not sure there is a bad thing about them besides the fact they’re horny young boys. Girls of America beware!
The Criticism: You boys make me swoon. — Demi Lavato

So I’m not sure what the elimination rules are but my guess is that they’re going to take away one act from each group. If that’s the case, my eliminees are:

Team Britney – Arin Ray or Beatrice Miller
Team Demi – Willie Jones
Team L.A. – Vino Alan
Team Simon – Sister C 

If they are too kick out the bottom four acts (which would be the fairest), my picks are as follows:

1. David Correy
2. Jason Brock
3. Vino Alan
4. Paige Thomas 

Who are you rooted for to win? And do you think it’s fair to take away one singer from each group? Tune into FOX tonight, Thursday, November 1 at 8pm EST to see who gets the boot.


  • Grimsleyyy

    I’d glad we can be equally obsessed with Carly and Emblem3. I predict that the final 6 will be Carly, Beatrice, CeCe, Tate, Emblem3, and Lyric145.

    • Jana W.

      What about Diamond White? I think she’s worthy of top 6. It’s really going to be tough to cut talent this year. Everyone left is fairly good.

  • gma

    I, along with most of the people posting on the X Factor page, thought Demi’s make-overs were horrible. Why shave a head and then put a helmet on it? Syling over all was horrible. The sound was horrendous. The singers and judges could barely be heard over the audience and music. Why not let the contestants get used to performing before adding all the production, it really screwed up a lot of the performances.

    • Jana W.

      As a whole, I definitely agree that the styling of contestants was over the top. But X Factor is over the top. And while I didn’t like the porcupine helmet either, I thought the rest of Paige’s outfit fit the performance. And CeCe, Willie and Jennel of Demi’s team all looked fine. I’ll also admit the production does get in the way sometimes… but that’s all they have to judge from considering vocally they’re all decent. No?

  • Julmeljen

    The combined talent has some possibilities. The makeovers were awful. The audience needs to quiet down. It’s the performance we want to hear, not them. To many dancers, gyrating all over the place. Give the performers the right to pick their own songs. Most of the mentors song picks were completely wrong and destroyed any chance the singer would have had to prove their worth. I did not like Khloe K. at all. She’s just there because she is a K., not because she knows what she is doing. Mario is skilled and managed to keep the show going. L.A. Reid makes me want to pinch his head. Brittany needs to go back to her music. Demi is getting better every show, but seems so young. Simon..well, he knows, when he knows it, and is going to tell you. All in all, I hope the show picks up..”The Voice” is the big dog, so far.

  • Stbar

    theme is made in America, but they sing songs that are not American…