X Factor Auditions: Greensboro, North Carolina

Lightening Strikes And More Stars Are Born

X Factor Auditions: Greensboro, North Carolina

On Thursday night’s X Factor, Simon, Demi, Britney and L.A. pit-stopped in a small town in North Carolina called Greensboro and they weren’t the only ones whirlwinding through the city. A good ole’ southern thunderstorm kept production busy when lightening hit the set and took out the power. Simon used the lightening strikes and thunder as a cue to acknowledge bad singing. Ms. Spears, on the other hand, wasn’t as forgiving of Mother Nature. Just take a look at this picture of her seconds after lightening struck the building.

Please caption me.

Not including rocker dad Jeffrey Adam Gutt, again it was teenagers that won this episode’s golden ticket to boot camp. First, 17-year-old Willie Jones took the stage and blew everyone away with his deep country voice. The surprising part wasn’t so much that he had good country chops but like Demi described, he was dressed like a young Will Smith from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” I say he’s more like the future Kanye West of country music.

Then lead singer of her band, 18-year-old Julia Bullock, also got the crowd to their feet while singing her rendition of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People.  When asked what would happen to her band if she made it through the X Factor circus, she said, “I think they’ll continue to play.” Which is the exact opposite of what her co-band member and ex-boyfriend told the camera. “This is it,” the very heart broken ex-lover shared. Kudos to the camera men for zooming in on his awkwardness (and the Lawrence Taylor inspired lightening bolt earring) .

Can you guess which band member was Julia's ex-boyfriend?


I’m really enjoying the new documentary-style format X Factor has chose to run with this year. While sometimes cheesy, the backstage interviews at least give us a glimpse into the contestants lives and personalities. Which brings me to the Kyrsten Colon’s breakdown. What the heck? After being rejected during a second chance performance, the 21-year-old hair dresser stormed off the stage and tornadoed her way through to the exit, throwing water on the cameras and tossing chairs at the crew, all the while her frantic mother followed her trying to keep the peace and do damage control. It was so disappointing. Simon had actually saw something in Krysten when he awarded her with a second chance to take the stage later in the day. And though she didn’t make the first cut, her story could have ended well if she returned next year after some coaching. Needless to say, after that shit storm, now I don’t think she’ll ever be welcomed back to the X Factor stage. Oh well, next! On to the accolades.

X Factor Weekly Awards

Most Likely To Succeed – Julia Bullock, it’s time for a new Gwen Stefani
Most Likely To End Up In A Mental Hospital – Krysten Colon, for her backstage tantrum
Best Looking Offspring – Talon, son of rocker Jeffrey Gutt
Most Unexpected Performance – Willie Jones, no one expected country to come from his pipes
Best Diss – Demi & Simon, “He’s like the Josh Grobin of rock,” said Demi. “Bettah,” replied Simon.
Most likely To Go No Where – toothless lawnmower man
Most Likely the Next ProActive Endorser – Britney Spears, c’mon Brit. Why all the acne? You have money for expensive face wash.

Send me your best Britney Spears captions for the picture above and I’ll pick a winner next week. 


  • Jimmy Mackey

    This was definitely a “blown up” episode; there was a lot of drama, but not a lot of talent. I guess they can’t all be stellar, but at least we saw a few good singers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Krysten was put up to her tirade as over-the-top as it was. I just started watching The X Factor this year because it was on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings, and it caught my eye. I had heard about the show from my DISH coworker last year, so I gave it a try. Now with my Hopper DVR, I find all kinds of new shows I didn’t used to watch because they are on my recorder, just waiting for me the next day when I get home from work.

  • Aunt Debbie

    Hi Jana, Great Job. You are right on with the X-Factor assessment! I love the show and agree, the backstage catfights add lots of good drama. I adore Britney on this show!

  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    I watched The Voice last season for the first time and was so disappointed I was not going to even try X-Factor. But I went online and played it to see Britney’s fear of thunder. The talent they are bringing to boot camp is better than most of the finalists last year on The Voice.

    Good talent that has better stage presence and a production with really nice representation of the Cities. I am from KC and the piece was really nice but also had some out of the ordinary camera prospective that were interesting. Top it all and there is NO rude, attention getting Xtina. I was really offended by her and disappointed by the talent. If they sang well they had poor stage presence that was very awkward to watch.

    My favorite so far was the rendition of Hallelujah by Jeffrey Gutt, loved his rendition and he totally connected with the audience and emotionally moved them as well as myself.

    I hope the season continues to entertain. I love the coaches it is great seeing them react so openly. So refreshing.