The X Factor Has Marc Anthony

Fox can't seem to do a music show without him.

The X Factor Has Marc Anthony

As Jennifer Lopez exits American Idol, her ex is joining that other Fox music show.

TMZ cited “sources close to Marc” as saying that the New York-based singer has signed on with The X Factor as a mentor for the contestants under the wing of Simon Cowell, believed to be the groups. He joins the other rumored mentors, Justin Bieber (allegedly working with L.A. Reid and the “older” singers), and Nick Jonas (who is said to be working with Demi Lovato and the teenagers).

Anthony has some reality show experience; the Latin-based talent show he co-hosted with Lopez, Q’Viva, aired on Fox earlier this year. More memorably – because let’s be honest, you forgot Q’Viva even existed – Anthony occasionally popped up on Idol during Lopez’s first year as a judge. He was often seen lurking in the background, and at one point gave a weirdly intense pep talk to the contestants.

Are you looking forward to seeing Marc Anthony?