Meet The X Factor Season 2 Judges

Will Britney Spears hold her own?

Meet The X Factor Season 2 Judges

Last year, the pressure was on Simon Cowell to pull in the numbers. After leaving American Idol, networks were concerned whether or not his fans would follow him. The question at hand: Were people willing to leave American Idol to support him on a new show called The X Factor? The answer was an overwhelming yes. And not only did Cowell pull the rankings, but he made it clear he rules the roost. His team member Melanie Amaro won the show (although I was rooting for the adorable Rachel Crow) and to boot, The X Factor won best Neilson ratings leaving American Idol in a ratings down spiral even to this date.  Still, according to Simon, there was room for improvement.

In preparation for Season 2, Simon ditched his good friend Paula Abdul and his not so good friend Nicole Scherzinger for two new judges, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. Many people are on the edge of their seats to see how the new judging panel will collaborate. Others are more concerned about the new talent. All I can say is bring it Britney! I’m rooting for you and your craziness and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Who do you think will steal the show? A judge? A contestant? Simon’s future girlfriend? The two-day premiere for X Factor Season 2 starts next week, Wednesday, September 12 8pm. Don’t miss it!

Let’s meet the judges:

Demi Lovato
Replacing: Nicole Scherzinger
The Good News: We no longer have to awkwardly watch Nicole and Simon duke it out at the judge’s table.
The Bad News: If not outspoken, Demi may become the next Nicole.
My Predictions: I don’t really know much about Lovato (probably because I can never recognize her with all that hair dying), which makes me think she won’t have a lot to add to the judge’s table. However, I really disliked Nicole. So already she’s ahead of the game.
Magic 8 Ball Prediction: Reply hazy, try again

Britney Spears
Replacing: Paula Abdul
The Good News: We no longer have to concern ourselves with Paula’s state of mind.
The Bad News: We have to worry about Britney’s state of mind.
My Predictions: Something tells me that Britney may feel like she has a lot to prove. Ever since that 2007 breakdown when she went bat-shit crazy and shaved her head, no one has had much face time with her. So this is her one chance to prove she’s not a lunatic. I think everyone will tune in to the show for the first couple episodes (just in case she loses her shit again) but after that it’ll be up to her to hold her own, to which I think she’s totally capable.
Magic 8 Ball Prediction: Outlook good

L.A. Reid
Replacing: Last year’s L.A. Reid
The Good News: L.A. wasn’t replaced by anyone so obviously Simon thinks he’s holding his own, unlike his former African American American Idol dawg Randy Jackson.
The Bad News: (For him) There’s still time to be replaced.
My Predictions: There is no question that L.A. Reid knows what he’s doing. I mean the guy is known for discovering singers such as Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and Kanye West for crying out loud. However, last season I noticed his comments to contestants were often ambiguous. Maybe it had something to do with going first or maybe he didn’t want to disagree with Simon and embarrass himself? Either way, I’d like to see L.A. step up and grow a pair this season.
Magic 8 Ball Prediction: Don’t Count On It

Simon Cowell
Replacing: No one, ever.
The Good News: We get to watch Simon make or break people’s dreams.
The Bad News: We get to watch Simon make or break people’s dreams.
My Predictions: Simon will be as sassy as ever now that he has two new judges to play with. He also is likely to grab his favorite contestants (aka winners) straight out of the gate and win this season again. After all, this is his show. I’m most excited to see the talent he’s chosen, because let’s face it. The man makes good TV.
Magic 8 Ball Prediction: It Is Certain

What are your X Factor Season 2 judges predictions?



  • AnnieO

    Paula should go back to Idol

  • Enaira Fontaine

    Judging by the video clips I’ve seen in the past week, some of the contestants on the show are quite a bit feisty. I find that hilarious because sometimes the “superstars” need a wake up call that just because they are judging talent, it doesn’t mean that they can just freely insult people. I’ve already got my Hopper set for tonight’s premiere just in case they’re showing some decent performers that come through. Even though I’m not really a fan of the contestant bashing I will admit that some of the contestants on the show exhibit some real talent. My Dish co-workers are betting on who will be the meanest judge and right now Simon and Britney are in a tie and I think it’s hilarious. From what I’ve seen she really is a contender for stealing Simon’s crown: she really has no filter when it comes to judging contestants.

    • Lynda Perky

      I agree about Simon and Britney I appreciate the honesty they bring. Doesn’t need to be rude but many of these people and their loved ones think they are “all that”. Anyone sounds good singing with blaring music. But all alone without interference to distract from the actual voice the pitchiness and missed beats are evident.

      I am enjoying these judges, especially Britney she is delightful. Her reaction to the thunder was hysterical, great facial expressions. She is really listening hard. She has had it tough and screwed up alot, I’m hoping only the best for her.