Nicole Scherzinger makes another unpopular voting decision

Nicole's voting is shocking again

Nicole Scherzinger makes another unpopular voting decision

After another shocking elimination that could be blamed again on judge Nicole Scherzinger, the X Factor semi-finalists have been chosen.

During Thursday night’s elimination show, the bottom two were Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow. The judges’ votes were 2 to 1 when it came to Nicole to make the final decision. She took the easy route and made the votes a tie so the contestant with the lowest number of votes would be sent home.

Unfortunately for Rachel (and Nicole) that person was Rachel. Sure America might have failed to deliver the votes, but she was a popular contestant. And at just 12 years old when she entered the competition, she and her story of adoption stole the hearts of many fans.

So  needless to say, Nicole might want to prepare herself for more hate mail and threats. She and fellow judge Paula Abdul both received threatening messages to their Twitter accounts last week after sending popular contestant Drew home.

The live audience even booed a tearful Nicole when host Steve Jones tried to get her to  make a comment. I’m starting to wonder if Nicole is trying to make America hate her.

The four semi-finalists are Marcus Canty, Chris Rene, Josh Krajcik and Melanie Amaro.


  • Kaytee

    I agree, I think Nicole is just trying to make America hate her to be perfectly honest. For her safety, she might not want to do another season, because frankly, she does have a big heart, but this is for a 5 million dollar contract, and she has got to be strong and make her own decisions, instead of resorting to cowardice. Marcus sounded horrible in his save me song, and Rachel was crying during hers and still sang beautifully. Even Paula used her brain tonight. This isnt who they like more, this is about who sounds better