The Voice vs. The X Factor: What Will You Watch?

Simon Cowell rips NBC for ruining his premiere.

The Voice vs. The X Factor: What Will You Watch?

NBC upstart The Voice carefully avoided any head-to-head confrontations with American Idol last winter, but the network is not showing the same respect to Fox’s other, lower-rated music show, The X Factor. And Simon Cowell ain’t happy!

The Voice premieres on Monday, with The X Factor Season 2 scheduled to kick off two days later. Typical show nights for The Voice are Monday and Tuesday, but just for next week only, NBC has added one additional hour to air at 8 p.m. Wednesday – directly opposite the debut of The X Factor.

Cowell, who is apparently unaware of how TV works, is crying foul. He told TMZ that NBC’s decision “is a cynical, cold-hearted, unprofessional way of doing business.” He suggested that the counterprogramming was motivated by fear: “The reason they’ve done this is they don’t want people to see X Factor because they’ve heard how good the series is. They don’t want their audience to see Britney Spears. They don’t want their audience to see Demi Lovato.”

Cowell has a point in that tactics like this will probably hurt all these similar shows eventually. But what we mostly care about now is: who’s going to win? Will people be invested enough in the first two nights of The Voice that they will want to come back for a third night in a row? Or is there enough fascination in all the crazy things Britney will surely say?


  • Lynda Perky

    Am repulsed by Xtina, tried The Voice last year and won’t go back even though I really enjoyed parts of it. Not good watching her rude behavior.

  • Amy

    It seems silly to me that Simon would care. It’s just business, and it’s only one week. Besides, this is exactly why they made DVRs. I’m planning to use my Hopper to record The X-Factor while I watch The Voice next Wednesday. I’m addicted to shows like this and I’m glad I have a system that makes it easy for me to watch them both. It really is not a big deal. I’m more excited about The Voice than The X-Factor, to be honest. My Dish co-workers and I are all addicted to it and love to discuss it the day after. Hopefully both shows will produce some talented contestants, though. That way everybody wins.

  • The xFactor Judge

    xfactor I love Demi

  • Lynda Perky

    Just got caught up on X-Factor. I decided to take a look at the most recent set of auditions and was blown away.

    All judges seem genuinely blown away and impressed with talent they find. Judges don’t need to sing along with talent for camera time and to remind us how great they are.

    Production of audition locations was really great. Time taken to get local feel of cities. Really nice creative camera work.

    Most of the talent chosen for bootcamp so far really connected with the audience already. Not only got the audience going but really moved them emotionally. The Voice had two people that connected and Xtina booted one of them.

    X-Factor talent moving on also seemed comfortable on stage they just knew what to do. Last year in The Voice it was really awkward watching most of them because they seemed so uncomfortable.

    I am thrilled about X-Factor, never watched a season before but it looks very promising.