X Factor: The Auditions Episode

Britney's Back Bitches!

X Factor: The Auditions Episode

On Wednesday, September 12 Simon Cowell’s beloved world-wide talent show X Factor premiered on Fox, competing against other shows like The Voice and America’s Got Talent. The question on everyone’s mind, especially the execs in the big glass offices, is which show will prevail? The fact of the matter is it’s too early to tell right now, but by the looks of the production of each talent show one thing is clear: Everyone is bringing their A game.

Compared to last season, I noticed the biggest X Factor switch up (besides the new judges) was the way the show is presented. Instead of a polished, precise program, the producers seem to have chosen a loose, candid style, kind of like a documentary. For the first time viewers have more backstage access and can watch the interaction between judges outside of the panel, as well as how the talent sizes each other up. The new addition of clips brought a whole new side of story-telling to the show. Besides watching future stars like Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia belt out amazing tunes, we had the opportunity to see the other side of the business, like when Kaci and her sister Kaylee bad mouth her competition before her own performance on stage. The result of showing these new behind the scene clips: X Factor now has villains and heros. And suddenly, America has much more to root for than just a good singer.

With no doubt all eyes were also on the judges table. What would Britney say? How would she react to poor performances? Would Simon prove to be a bully? Would Demi say anything? There was a lot of speculation and questions going into the show and most of them were answered promptly within the first fifteen minutes of the special 2-hour premiere. Britney came across as a little bitchy, while Demi stayed sweet and wholesome. Like always L.A. Reid brought his experience and credibility to the panel while Simon, the real superstar of talent TV, rounded out the team with his honest, flippant opinions. I am impressed by this season’s panel of judges and look forward to seeing how the season unfolds. In the meantime, here are my favorite quotes and X Factor superlatives from the first Audition Episode.

Quotes of the Night

You’re like an elephant trying to be an ant. – Simon on the delusional Shawn Armenta’s “Candy Girl” performance
Britney is sooo mean. – Random crying contestant
You sounded like a dog trying to lay an egg. – Simon on mean girl Kaci Newton’s “Firework” performance
If you could imagine Madonna, Count Dracula and Bobby Brown had a child, it’d be you. – Simon on Quartrele Smith’s wedding dress appearance
I think you can tank it dude. – Member of Emblem3 to other member on whether or not to where a tank top on stage
Awe… you have a heart. – Demi to Simon, regarding a possible tear after Jillian Jenson’s epic performance about being bullied
Bullying is the AIDS of the 2010′s. – My very funny fiancé, after the same performance


Best Dressed Judge – L.A. Reid
Most Awkward Performance – Sanne Dakunivosa, otherwise known as weirdo with the big flower on her shoulder
Football Player That Most likely Became a Singer Because of Glee – Mark Avey, “Get It On (Bang a Gong)”
Most likely To Succeed – Bro Band (not to be confused with Boy Band) Emblem3
Most likely To Regret Audition – TIE Mean girl Kaci Newton and former boy band member Vincent Thomas
Best Surprise – Jennel Garcia’s raspy Pat Benetar performance
Most Likely On Antidepressants – Don Philip, friend of Britney Spears

What were your favorite X Factor moments? 


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  • Hillary

    Great recap! I definitely agree that the documentary feel they’ve added this year takes it to another level. I also liked that they didn’t have a host getting in the way and telling us what to think. It was pretty refreshing. I’m so glad this show is back! It seems like it’ll be better than ever. I was busy last night so I haven’t watched the second episode yet, but my Dish co-workers have told me it’s even better than the premiere. I’m relieved my Hopper’s Prime Time Anytime feature taped it for me last night (it automatically records everything on all four major networks every night). I’m so excited to watch it!