The X Factor Premiere Reunites Simon and Paula

The X Factor Premiere Reunites Simon and Paula

Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” premiered Wednesday night, featuring auditions from Los Angeles and Seattle.

Critics and viewers agree that, from the start, it was clear the new Fox show was trying to outshine fellow talent show “American Idol.”

People Magazine had this to say about the show: The two-hour premiere, a night of auditions, looked expensive – you could have fit the home tree from Avatar on the blue-lighted Los Angeles stage – with the ultimate prize of a $5 million contract for the winner, either solo singer or group, age 12 and up.

Aside from the flashy graphics and stage, the most talked about part of the show was Cowell’s reunion with former fellow Idol judge Paula Abdul. Cowell handpicked Abdul to sit on the panel next to him and some are wondering if that was a good idea. A lot of critics are saying it makes the show feel too much like American Idol.

The show also featured now-ex judge Cheryl Cole during the Los Angeles auditions then switched to Nicole Scherzinger with no explanation. It was a little Darren from “Bewitched” or Becky from “Roseanne,” if you know what I mean.  At least they gave Cherly credit for her part in the first auditions and didn’t just write her out.

The second audition episode airs tonight on Fox.