X Factor LIVE Show Results

Find out who made it to the Top 12 and who was sent home!

X Factor LIVE Show Results

What a night on X Factor! Season 2′s Top 16 contestants were reduced to a surprising Top 12 during a 2-hour epic episode that aired on Thursday night. Unlike future evictions, tonight the judges each had to pick one act to send home from his or her 4-person/group teams. How did this work? The judges each first announced the two acts that would immediately move on to the next round, leaving the other two contestants/groups to sing for survival. Once the sing for survival battle was over, the team’s mentor listened to the other three judges criticism before finally making the final cut. Was this eviction process fair? Not really. There were many contestants on L.A. Reids Over25 Team that should have gone home before Britney Spears Teens but rules are rules… unless of course you’re Simon Cowell. Something tells me he might find a way to bring some of his favorite contestants back into the game. He can do that since he’s the boss, you know. For now, we’ll just have to wait and sit with tonight’s results, which were:

Team Demi Lavato/ Young Adults
Immediately Moved Forward: Jennel Garcia & Paige Thomas (plus the ridiculously large hat)
Left To Battle: CeCe Frey & Willie Jones
Contestant Sent Home: Willie Jones
Reaction: Stunned. Demi ran up to the stage to wish Willie well and apologize for having to make such a decision and he didn’t even look at her, which was awkward and a little childish. CeCe Frey, just as stunned, cried tears of relief.

The last time Willie Jones was spotted smiling.

Team L.A. Reid/ Over 25s
Immediately Moved Forward: Vino Alan & Tate Stevens
Left To Battle: David Correy & Jason Brock
Contestant Sent Home: David Correy
Reaction: Bitterness. Simon thought neither contestants were worthy of saving. “You’re asking me to judge two horses that are coming in dead last in a race,” the Groups mentor bluntly stated. After it was announced David Correy was to be sent home, he grabbed the mic and announced to the audience, “I promise you this is not the last time you’ll see my face.” Sorry David, I think it may be. I could only hope it will be. Good luck to you though.

The last time David Correy will wear his heart outside his jacket.

Team Britney Spears/ Teens
Immediately Moved Forward: Beatrice Miller & Carly Rose Sonenclar
Left To Battle: Arin Ray & Diamond White
Contestant Sent Home: Diamond White
Reaction: Total shock. Britney had the most difficult decision of the night. Upon learning she was going home, Diamond’s mouth dropped to the floor in surprise. Once composed, she still gave that million dollar smile and said, “I still love you Britney.” My guess is she’ll be back in the game somehow. The days of Diamond White have only just begun.

Hopefully not the last time we see Diamond White.

Team Simon Cowell/ Groups
Immediately Moved Forward: Emblem 3 & Lyric 145
Left To Battle: Sister C & 1432
Contestants Sent Home: Sister C
Reaction: Some what expected. The group 1432 seemed more surprised to make it to the next round than Sister C seemed disappointed to be headed home. Now knowing that 1432 (supposedly meaning I Love You 2) will be around for awhile, Simon has challenged America to come up with a new name. Anyone can vote via the X Factor USA website.

The last time these ladies will ever listen to Simon Cowell.

Compared to my predictions, I didn’t do so bad picking the LIVE show outcome. Though I picked Jason Brock to go home based on his glittery performance Wednesday night, I’ve reported since episode 1 that David Correy would be one of the first to go. And he was. I also correctly picked Willie Jones, though I didn’t want him to go home, and Sister C. But Diamond White? I didn’t see that one coming at all. No offense to Jason Brock or Vino Alan or the entire L.A. Reid team, but I’m sad to see her go while these older, ordinary dudes stayed. Diamond White can out sing any of them, any time, any day. She also seems to be a little bit more marketable, aka more adorable, than the others. Eh well. I wish you well D Dubs.

Were you just as surprised to see Diamond White go home? Tune into FOX next week on Wednesday, November 7 at 8pm EST to watch the Top 12 go at it again.  This time America has a vote–so grab a tub of popcorn and prepare for the show. Cutting contestants isn’t going to get any easier as we move along to find the next King or Queen of X Factor.


  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    As far as Diamond getting the ax from Britany I saw it coming because she has ditsed her several times for little stuff. It was like she just wanted her to fail. That being said I sat watching tonight and hoping she would pass her through and not screw her over and then when she did I was still shocked.

    I think I figured that XFactor would not allow Brit to screw this up because of her ego. Yet they did.

    Arin is a good singer but that is all, I heard no emotion in his voice and very little variance in dynamics (volume).

    • redbread

      Omg I just said the exact same thing to my husband about Britney Spears picking on Diamond White for little things and that it seemed she had it in for her from the start.

    • Bhaijan

      Its seems like Black/White issue. Britney is known bias. She did a terrible mistake.

    • Diamondwhitefan

      YEAHH WELL BRITTNEYY WASS TOTTALY THINKING OF SHITTY THOUGHTS CUZ I CAN BET U 100000000000000000 times that if it was voting on if brittney sucks it will be wayy more likes then dislikes cuzzzzzzzzz offf this night! Do u seriously wanna be hated brittney? Then bring back diamond!l

      - diamond White fan !

  • Craig

    Agree, Simon bring back Diamond White back!

    • Deb

      I though he was going to do that last night. He wanted to, it appeared to me. I felt he was baiting Britney to say, “Simon, if neither should go, can they both stay?” because he said it twice. Then when Britney chose Diamond as the one to go home, he gave B. a quizzical look.

    • Loverrrr


  • Renzothekid

    100% agree….
    When the other contestants heard Diamond they’d say “How are we supposed to compete with that!!”…
    And Britney’s critique was to tell her not to do “too much” with her voice….
    Idk if she was jealous or what it was but she constantly tried to put her in a box and have her sing songs that didn’t showcase the fact that she is the best singer in this completion

  • http://www.facebook.com/michele.ulino Michele Ulino

    Last year, Simon almost sent home the winner. Hopefully, Brittany will realize she screwed up and be woman enough to go to Simon and admit she screwed up and ask if she can go knocking on Diamond’s door, as Simon knocked on Melanie’s door last year. There are still ways to even out the teams….they could constitute that regardless as to whether or not any of Brittany’s folks end up in the bottom two, one of Brittany’s team HAS to go home. If none of her folks end up in the bottom two,then the two with the least votes on her team have to sing to survive, and all the judges have a say in who goes home in addition to who goes home in the actual bottom two. If one of her folks is in the bottom two, and they send another judge’s person home, Brittany’s person in the bottom two is also eliminated. If they decide to save Brittany’s person in the bottom two, then that person sings to survive against the person on Brittany’s team with the next lowest votes, and then the judges decide who gets the ax between those two. Problem easily solved!

    • LAne

      Tottallyyyy agree ^^

  • Jamesfb

    BRITANY: Sending Diamond White home is like tossing out your ace of hearts. What are you thinking, duh? Ms. White would have won this compitition for you.

    • LOL

      Yeahh and sending diamond white home was like choosing a regular singer likeeeee Megannicole over MICHEAL JACKSON! Biggesttttt misstack everrrrrr I hate BRITTNEYY!!


    Brittneyyyy is sooooo outta herr mindd I’m nottt jokin sheeeee is ridioucliusly on drugs or something u send him diamond and not arin what the fuc is wrong? Omgggggg I can’t BELIVE u brittney! And it was completely obvious that Simon and la and Demi liked diamond better butttt noooooo she sends him diamond! Seriouslyyyyy I feel that brittney just made the bigggestttttttt missstakeeeeeee everrrrrrrrrr (maybe even more then drugs) UNLESS SHE WAS USING SOME! IT WAS TOTTALY OBVIOUS SHE ONLY SEND HOM DIAMOND CUZ SHE THOUGHTTTTT THAT PPL DIDN’T LIKE HER WELL WELL WE’LL LOOKY HERE BRITT WAYY MORE PEOPLE FEEL HEART BROKEN AND PPL NOW AREN’T GONNA WATCH THE SHOW I BET U THAT U MADE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MORE THEN 1,000,000,000 PPL SAD AND WAHT FOR? JUST TO MAKE UR ” eye of a tiger” POINT! WELLLL SCREWWW YOUUUUUUU AND UR STOOPID ATTUTUDE,, BRING BACK DIAMOND OR I AM JUST GONNA STOP WATCHING AND START HATING,, and A LOT OF PEOPLE AS WELL,! RACIST BITCH!