Surprise! X Factor Reveals America’s Votes

And You'll Never Guess Who Is Ranked #1!

Surprise! X Factor Reveals America’s Votes

For the first time on any talent show, X Factor shared the contestant rankings based on America’s votes. One would think this would make for an interesting and exciting episode, yet for some reason Thursday Night’s Results show seemed to fall apart. Khloe and Mario couldn’t figure out who was supposed to read the teleprompter when. The contestants seemed confused as to what to do after the results were revealed. And One Direction, an all boy pop group that Simon created over the pond at X Factor UK, gave two mediocre performances and one awkward interview with football player Drew Breeze that might as well been a 15-minute Pepsi commercial. Compared to last night’s amazing two-hour LIVE show with 13 performances, tonight’s show seemed a lot like the morning hangover after my 30th birthday–confusing, cloudy, shameful and so much more painful than ever before. I also recall losing a shoe.

One Direction showing Emblem3 how it's done.

Through the chaos, however, there were still results. And unlike X Factor, I’m going to get straight to the rankings and not waste your time sharing the winning list twice. Ranked in order from the most votes to the least, here are your Top 11 performers.


1. Tate Stevens (Team L.A. Reid/ Over25s)
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar (Team Britney Spears/ Teens)
3. Vino Alan (Team L.A. Reid/ Over25s)
4. Diamond White (Team Britney Spears/ Teens)
5. 5th Harmony (Team Simon Cowell/ Groups)
6. Emblem3 (Team Simon Cowell/ Groups)
7. Jennel Garcia (Team Demi Lovato/ Young Adults)
8. Paige Thomas (Team Demi Lovato/ Young Adults)
9. Lyric145 (Team Simon Cowell/ Groups)
10. Beatrice Miller (Team Demi Lovato/ Young Adults)
11. Arin Ray (Team Demi Lovato/ Young Adults)

Like predicted, CeCe Frey and Jason Brock were in the bottom two! So both were asked to sing again for the Top 12 position. CeCe, wearing all white and daggers for earrings, sung a tune I didn’t recognize right away but later figured out it was “You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me” by Cher. The lyrics were very telling. “I’m past the point of breaking,” “Brought to my knees,” and “You haven’t seen the last of me yet” were just a few of the groveling lines in Frey’s song choice.

Following right behind her Jason Brock took to the stage in all black to sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” a song originally sung by Bonnie Taylor (and a totally solid go-to karaoke song). For those watching, he also had a message. “Every now again I fall apart,” “I need you tonight,” and “Together we can take it to the end of the line,” the Over25 team member pleaded sung. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stick around.

Simon putting Demi in her place.

After the sing off, the mentors were each asked to send one of the two contestants home. In the case of a 2-2 tie it was announced that America’s vote would be the tie breaker. Since L.A. Reid and Britney Spears chose to evict CeCe and Demi and Simon chose to lose Jason, America’s votes became the final say and it was Mr. Entertainment that was ultimately sent packing.  ”I did it for the gays… and Japan!” Brock cheerfully called out to his fans. Even though a member of his team was just sent home, L.A. Reid was donning a smile too. “I feel great about the fact I have two out of the Top 3 [on my team],” the longtime producer said. Britney, wanting some credit too, announced her rankings right after Reid’s. “I have two out of the Top 4.” Narcissitic-dream-bashing-Simon appeared to be too busy trying to figure out why his bro band Emblem3 wasn’t ranked #1 to comment, but I’m sure he’ll have a sound reason for why none of his performers ranked in the Top 5 by next week. Another X Factor LIVE Show airs Wednesday, November 14 at 8pm EST. Don’t forget to tune into FOX so you can share comments with me!

Who knew these two would end up in the Top 3?

Was anyone surprised that Vino Alan was ranked #3? Or what about good ole’ country boy Tate Stevens earning the most votes?  Do you think this new ranking system will encourage people at home to vote for the favorite contestants? And what about Khloe or Mario? Do you think one of them will get X-Fired before the season ends? So many questions!


  • Branden B

    I love that Demi’s acts are all ranked 7th place or worse. Proof that she is making a mess of them. Those three girls need to tone their shit down!

  • Grimsleyyy

    1) They need to either get rid of Khloe or have rehearsals with the hosts as well. All aboard the Hot Mess Express. CHOO CHOO!

    2) I think the rankings, for the most part, were pretty accurate. I expected Carly to be #1, but she’s still #2 and I’m psyched for Tate.

    3) Demi is sabotaging her team. End of story.

  • Julmeljen

    What in the world? Khloe is awful. Awful! Fire her and leave Mario. He can carry the show. Demi is too young to be a mentor. She needs to stop trying to turn those girls into something they are not. It’s ruining their chances. What was she thinking, changing them into ???. L.A. has got the talent this year. Simon’s groups are going to fizzzle. Especially Emblem3..they love themselves too much. Brittany’s kids have a great chance, but they are children. Like I

  • Trevwoh

    Khloe is hot so I say keep her. Stop being so hard on demi at the end of the damn day those girls are doing their own stuff.. Not like she’s forcing them into anything. And I think its lame as hell that the above 25 category is ranked so high

  • Aunt Debbie

    Great Recap Jana! Love your writing:) Very surprised that Tate was ranked #1. Does this show have a country demographic? Glad to know I’m not the only one that thinks Demi is ruining the acts she is mentoring. I did love it when Simon called her ‘Pop Star’ comment stupid the night before.
    Did you ever notice that Khloe starts every sentence with either Yes or No? o me she’s superfluous & annoying!
    Still love Britney.

  • Paul-Dunn Garcia

    For starters, I need Mario Lopez voted off the show. Every time he speaks, smiles, BREATHES, I am sucked into the vortex of his dimples and wake up minutes later in a pheromone induced haze that leaves having to rewind the previous lost minutes. It literally takes me almost three hours to get through an hour episode.

    I’m not surprised Jason Brock (I’ve lovingly dubbed him, “The Gay Meatloaf”) was voted off. He is my David Corey: I have absolutely no idea how or why he has made it this far. I think the most accurate assessment of any contestant was when Simon called him a cruise act. So, for me, having him and CeCe in the bottom two was a no brainer. Do we lose The Gay Meatloaf or The Baby GaGa? Even America isn’t that stupid.

    Which leads me into the whole Diamond getting voted off and then brought back on. What…..a transparent and desperate attempt at pulling at the heart strings of America. I mean, really? Diamond has the most powerful voice out of all the contestants, never mind the fact that she bears a striking resemblance to a certain recently deceased celebrity. We all know as the weeks progress, she will time and again be placed in the top five? Now The X Factor has put me in that uncomfortable position of actually hoping she doesn’t win because then they would just be following a pretty obvious formula (see Melanie Armono from the first season).

    So, Tate Stevens is the number 1 according to America? Truth be told, I always forget he is even on the show. I think as soon as I see Mario’s dimples starting to form as he goes to introduce Tate, I either drift into the above mentioned pheromone coma or get up to go pee. Only my cat really knows, and it doesn’t seem as though she’s talking. I honestly don’t think Tate is someone to worry about. I can put on a cowboy hat and warble to Bon Jovi any day of the week. He’s a one trick pony as far as I’m concerned.

    I will forever maintain that Diamond is a girl’s best friend.

    • Jana W.

      It took me like three hours to fully read your comment because I couldn’t stop laughing at the first paragraph. A dimple vortex, love it.

      • lala

        10. Beatrice Miller (Team Demi Lovato/ Young Adults)
        11. Arin Ray (Team Demi Lovato/ Young Adults)

        Just to let you know both are team Britney Spears/ Teens not Demi/young adults :)

        • JanaW.

          Thank you! Of course they are. I’m losing my mind.

  • Deb

    Loved your article!

    Country music is big (Carrie Underwood, as an example), so I’m not surprised that Tate did so well, plus he has a very tender-sounding voice (although I’m not a huge fan of country music). I really like Tate.

    As far as Vino goes, I actually liked his last performance, but I was shocked when L.A. didn’t select him for the sing-off in the eviction episode for the final twelve.

    Kloe Kardashian needs some polish, but Mario gleems, in my humble opinion. Somehow, I missed the nip slip, although I noticed the unusual remarks made about it and was wondering what it was all about.

    • Jana W.

      Thanks! And thanks to everyone for taking the time to read and comment! I love hearing everyone else’s opinions. So keep ‘em coming X Factor fans and haters. xoxo

  • Lynda Perky

    I was thrilled to see Tate Stevens come in #1 and Vino #3 if for no other reason than to show LA that you don’t have to be a teenager to be popular. The night Diamond was voted off he forgot Jason’s name. Come on he only had 4 names to remember.

    I really appreciate all the laughs and insight from your blog thanks

  • Treezie

    Vino Alan is my everything!!!!!!!

  • xfactorfan

    omg american idol country/conservative voters are taking over the x factor. i was hoping they’d stick to idol and keep their country winners coming. leave the x factor and the voice alone! this ranking has nothing to do with talent and more to do with that big bloc of country/conservative voters. tate/vino should be lower and lyric 145/emblem 3/jennel should be higher. this ranking was a friggin’ joke. go watch idol instead dumbasses

  • Lecouter_1980