Oops, X Factor Did It Again

Find Out What Contestant Was Asked Back To The Show

Oops, X Factor Did It Again

Most of America was shocked when Britney Spears quickly evicted Diamond White from X Factor last week. Even Simon Cowell was caught off guard, wide-eyed and mouth agape. The 13-year-old is simply too cute, too talented and looks too similar to America’s beloved 2012 Olympic sweetheart Gabby Douglas to get the boot so soon. Every time she flashes that bright white smile, I can’t help but think Simon hears the sound of a cash register. Cha-ching. Cha-ching, cha-ching. And so just like we had predicted, Diamond White has officially reclaimed her spot on Britney Spears’ Teens team. Hip hip hooray.

There have been other lessons learned since last week’s X Factor LIVE show debut. Host Khloe Kardashian has gone from wearing sheer blouses to thick leather armor since the nipple-gate incident. Britney Spears has been coached on how to criticize performances, kind of. Instead of robotically repeating the words “That performance was amazing,” she has taken the liberty to create the new catchphrase, “That was really great.”

Did anyone notice the tension between Simon and Demi at the judges table? Simon seemed to be tearing into Demi’s contestant performances more than usual, especially when it came to Jennel Garcia looking like Joan Jett. She in turn also took stabs at Simon in self defense but ultimately felt short in victory. Don’t worry Demi, Simon has 23-years more experience of defending his V Neck Tees and hairy chest. You’ll get there one day.

The theme of the performances this week was supposed to be ‘Songs From Movies’ however it felt more like ‘Desperate and Needing Help.’ Before every performance, the contestants all shared sob stories about someone losing a home or a job or a loved one. And strangely almost every contestant admitted to having “nothing to go back home to.” Some even went as far as to say they “no longer have a home at all.” Did this exaggerated story-telling make anyone else feel anxious for upcoming evictions? It’s like the X Factor stage has suddenly become The Hunger Games arena, and winning the competition is no longer an opportunity to have fun and become famous–it’s the only way to stay alive. Geez. While I feel contestant back stories are interesting and important to attaining people’s votes, let’s not turn this competition into who’s life is more depressing. That’s a whole different reality TV show called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Oh yeah, the performances! Tonight 13 performers sang for their life during the 2-hour live episode and the results looked something like this:

Arin Ray

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice: “American Boy” by Estelle featuring Kanye West
The Good: He surprised us by also rapping during his performance.
The Bad: The leather pants and backup dancers made Arin look like the any other young rapper.
The Criticism: My concern for you is that you find your own vocal identity… and I think you just found it my friend. – L.A. Reid

Paige Thomas

Team: Demi Lovato/ Young Adults
Song Choice: “Take My Breath Away” from the movie Top Gun
The Good: She wasn’t wearing that crazy Sonic the Hedgehog helmet and came flying down from the ceiling during the beginning of her performance.
The Bad: She looked awfully sad while singing, which brings me back to the fact she’s always crying. Tonight she was busted shedding tears during rehearsal.
The Criticism: Demi, I don’t think you could have put anymore on that stage. – Simon Cowell

Vino Alan

Team: L.A. Reid/ Over25s
Song Choice: “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge
The Good: He didn’t choose another Nickelback song.
The Bad: His obsession with the black beanie. Enough already. Expose that tattooed head with pride.
The Criticism: I think you’re an incredible vocalist but I don’t see you as a pop star. – Demi Lovato
Criticism on criticism: That was a stupid thing to say. – Simon Cowell on Demi Lovato’s statement


Team: Simon Cowell/ Groups
Song Choice: Mash – “My Girl” by The Temptations  & “California Girls” by Katie Perry
The Good: These boys will be clothed by Hollister for life.
The Bad: There was some awkward dance moves in the routine, including a sprint to a knee spin on the floor.
The Criticism: You owned it. It was great. – Britney Spears

Beatrice Miller

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice: “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls
The Good: She was able to power through having dry, sore vocal chords.
The Bad: Major wardrobe failure. I’ve seen this outfit living on the streets of downtown L.A. A shirt, a tie, a vest, a jacket, 15 pins, 25 bracelets, 50 safety pins plus boots and leggings and pants. It was as if she was dressed for a modern day Annie musical, minus the cuteness.
The Criticism: I can see you working… – Simon Cowell

Jennel Garcia

Team: Demi Lovato/ Young Adults
Song Choice:  ”I Love Rock ‘N Roll” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
The Good: When on stage, Jennel always looks like she’s having fun.
The Bad: Demi’s makeover now has Jennel looking a lot like Joan Jett, which the mentors said made her performance feel more like a karaoke act.
The Criticism: I have one word for you… hot, hot, hot… wait that’s three words. – Britney Spears

Tate Stevens

Team: L.A. Reid/ Over25s
Song Choice: “Dead Or Alive” by Bon Jovi
The Good: He stays true to his genre.
The Bad: There’s a lot of people that don’t favor country music.
The Criticism: I love you Tate, both on and off the stage. – Demi Lovato


Team: Simon Cowell/ Groups
Song Choice: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from the movie Mary Poppins
The Good: It was certainly a creative performance.
The Bad: The talking parts of the song when the music stopped were confusing.
The Criticism: I hated it. Actually, I think I’m going crazy because I liked it. – L.A. Reid

Diamond White

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice: ”I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston
The Good: Diamond’s back!
The Bad: Her mentor didn’t do her any favors by giving her a weird mix of the song, putting her hair in a bun and dressing her as if she was a 45-year-old woman.
The Criticism: This just proves dreams do come true. – Simon Cowell

CeCe Frey (pronounced Fry, eye roll)

Team: Demi Lovato/ Young Adults
Song Choice: “Eye of the Tiger” from the movie Rocky
The Good: After the major blonde transformation to trick us into giving CeCe a fresh start, the cheetah girl we all loved to hate is back.
The Bad: While she may have had the ‘eye of the tiger’ she had the voice of dying meerkat.
The Criticism: For some unknown reason, the sum of it didn’t blow me away. – L.A. Reid

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Team: Britney Spears/ Teens
Song Choice: ”It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars
The Good: No tricks needed. The girl can sing.
The Bad: She seems too mature for her age. No kid (aka future fan) is gonna say, “I want to be like her! Mature, sophiscated and boring.”
The Criticism: You have real guts for someone of your age. – Simon Cowell

Jason Brock

Team: L.A. Reid/ Over25s
Song Choice: “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly
The Good: There was no glitter.
The Bad: Instead there was lots of flames and fire. With the red coat and spikey hair, Brock kind of looked like Satan singing in his fiery dungeon.
The Criticism: The problem is I don’t believe you can fly… maybe you can jump… like two inches. – Simon Cowell

, 1432
, 5th Harmony

 Team: Simon Cowell/ Groups
Song Choice: “A Thousand Years” from the movie Twilight
The Good: Finally, they have a name.
The Bad: They each are still battling for the spotlight.
The Criticism: You guys shined the whole way. I’m really impressed. – Britney Spears

This week America votes who stays and who goes home (or at least goes somewhere else besides the Los Angeles studios). In my opinion, the contestants in trouble are Jason Brock, CeCe Frey and Beatrice Miller. Tune into FOX 8pm EST Thursday night to find out who officially gets the boot.  What contestant do you think will be sent home packing?


  • Aunt Debbie

    Hi Jana, I love Britney on this show and she’s the primary reason I watch. Please stop picking on her and attack Demi. Demi is something else. And who made her a fashion expert? Good Grief. Half the time she looks like she just dressed up for Halloween. And then to have Paige shave her head and turn CeCe blonde? Is she a hairdresser or a Coach? Demi drives me NUTS! But I love Britney!

  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    OMG I love the Leather Armour remark thanks for the huge laugh. I noticed it but love that you put it so very brilliantly.

    I disagree about Beatrice Miller, I loved her performance her facial expressions and movement onstage are so natural and her vocals were good considering her problems this week. She has a really unique, lovely voice paired with her stage presence is wonderful. I would love for her to stay.

    CeCe has become a nicer person, but what the heck did Demi do to her vocally and sylistically? She had one of the strongest most controlled voices and now it seems strained with little control.

    Tate is wonderful and I would love to see him win, but “Country” never wins. I hope he stays long enough to learn from XFactor mentoring team and can be picked up by someone.

    Lyric 145 was so much fun to watch, they have show vocal talent before but the show they gave was a blast to watch and there is nothing like it out there.

    DIAMOND WHITE, Jana that pissed me off I feel like they did that for publicity which was cruel to Diamond and rude to do to the fans. What is your take on why they did it.

    Thanks for your blog it is so funny taking off our competative stress. Looking forward to next one.

    • Jana W.

      I had a feeling Diamond would be back. And while I can see your point about it being a publicity stunt, I honestly think it was a mistake and just the result of being a live show. Simon would have never Diamond go if the show was pre-taped (and that’s ultimately why I think he brought her back). I do agree it was cruel to Diamond and it definitely gave her a lot more attention and/or sympathy than other contestants. Now the question has become can she spin the blunder to be in her favor? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Lynda!

      • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

        Jana, Thanks for taking the time to give me some insight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Diddy77 Paul-Dunn Garcia

    Every time Khloe Kardashian smiles, an angel loses it’s teeth.